Effective Ways of Eliminating Termites

Termites or white ants can cause some severe property damage. If you don’t identify the infestation in time, it can be dangerous. This pest doesn’t pose a danger to our health like mosquitoes, rats, or bedbugs, but they can eat most of the houses’ structural parts inside out. The difference between the carpenter ants and termites is the way they wood. Termites will eat the wood, while ants will only burrow it for their nests or colonies. Whether it’s termites or ants, it’s a loss for us.

Although termites cannot be entirely exterminated after a full-fledged infestation without professional pest control help, there are methods you can try. Some methods are more effective than others. And if you are committed to getting rid of those termites on your own, do try these DIY methods.

1.  Termite Bait Stations

Most people think termite bait stations are a waste of time. Well, they can be if you don’t know how to use them effectively. Termite bait stations work well if you know how to use them. The capsule-looking bait station for termites can vary in size depending on the manufacturer. But it is meant to go inside the ground near the foundation of your house. Think of it as a close proximity network where you don’t want to let any of the termites escape. Set the traps well, use as many stations as you can and then see the magic.

2.  Use Treated Timber always

If you are getting any new furniture, make sure that it is made from chemically treated wood. And never take the risk of buying second-hand furniture without getting it inspected for the pest. Because once any piece of termite-infested furniture comes into your house, it can expand quickly and cause more damage. Treated wood is commonly used in structural parts of houses. Make sure there is the right chemically treated wood for those parts and looking for a new house.

3.  Use Liquid-Based Termiticides

If you cannot find a local pest control expert, your best bet is to use liquid-based termiticides. Termiticides are more specific forms of pesticides that can directly target the termites while not causing any harm to your pets or young kids. Like the bait stations, these termiticides will work best if you use them in the right place. That is near the foundation of your house and other structural parts. Make sure you pour the termiticide well into the soil and then wait for them to disappear.

4.  Use Foam Termiticides

This one is a straightforward method of treating the termites. This is the method where you can get the closest to a professional pest control expert. For using foam termiticide, you will need an applicator and some steady hands. You can directly fill the cervices and small cracks with the foam and using the applicator. You can get it done more effectively. The foam method works well with termites and is a must-try if you want to get rid of the termites.

The Take-Away

You may not have the slightest idea how termites get into your property, but professional pest controllers know all about it. They can make termites disappear from your property in no time. Therefore, it is best to contact the professionals instead of trying DIY methods and failing again and again.

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