5 Things You Do That Attract Termites to Your Home in Brampton

You may not realize it, but you could be welcoming the termites into your house yourself. Many homeowners in Brampton fail to prevent termites and later realize they are experiencing a self-inflicted termite infestation. Termites are the single most annoying and hard to deal with pests that can damage your property and furniture. They also devalue your property by attacking its foundation. The most favourable environment for termites is damp places and damp wood. If you have a backyard filled with useless wood, you may have to clean your backyard ASAP!. Just take care of these five things you do that attract termites to your home in Brampton, and you are good to go.


Wood is the ultimate source that attracts termites like nothing else. If the wood you have is close to your house, your house could be in danger. They can migrate from that place to your house and start eating whatever they find. If the termites reach your house structure, you may have to relocate because they can cause severe damage to your house foundation.

Rotting Wood

If you have trees around your house, especially dead trees, it doesn’t matter if you own them or not. You have to get rid of those old trees because termites love to eat those. And if those dying trees are inside your property, rip them apart as soon as you can so you and your house remain safe from termite attacks.

Tree Limbs

Make sure the roof of your house remains clean. What happens sometimes is the leaves that fall from the trees on your roof become the mean of migration for termites to enter your home. Cut off extra tree limbs that go over or near your house roof.


Mulch can become a source for termites to enter your home. It attracts them so much because of the quality. Mulch is wood chips that homeowners use for various purposes, including keeping their garden healthy. It can retain moisture for a long time hence attracting termites like crazy. If you are using mulch, try maintaining adequate distance between your house foundation to keep termites away.

Clean Your Gutters

If you have dirty, clogged gutters, then you have a source that termites can use. Drains are usually clogged with wood pieces and dry leaves; both are the source of food for termites. Keep them clean and keep the termites at bay.

Who To Call For Help

If you cannot keep the termites out of your house or property, Brampton has the best pest control services known as Pesticon. They have the perfect treatment for termites control, and it’s not even that costly. Pesticon is the most trusted pest control company that you can rely upon.

In Conclusion

Sometimes we are the reason for inviting pests into our house by not being careful. If you managed to keep clean all the areas as mentioned above, there is a high chance you might be safe from any pests attack on your house. Be thoughtful about your property and try to keep it clean and tidy.

If you have a termite infestation or dealing with any pest problem, contact us today to get the needed information and assistance.

Our Guarantee

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