6 Must Know Tips for DIY Termite Control in Guelph

There is no specific time for the pests to come in, so it would be a smart decision if you start preparing to identify and remove these wood-chewing pests.

You don’t need to call pest control immediately. As a homeowner, you can take specific measures which would help you to protect your house against these termites.

Here are a few of the tips and tricks you can do to guard your home.

Check the foundation 

Every season, inspect the foundation of your house by taking a walk around It. You could see if there is any sign of damage. Then, you can make a plan to treat it accordingly by contacting the pest control Guelph.

You might be wondering what could of sign you would look for? Well, the termites don’t like to eat concrete; however, they tend to make a mud tube; this is a sign that you have to take some action and perform the DIY termite control in Guelph.

Maintain proper ventilation and Sealing

It is vital to control the moisture, and you can do that with the help of proper ventilation and Sealing. If the ventilation is not enough in the attic, it could cause condensation build-up, which will affect the wood. As a result, it would become a perfect place for the termites. Without the moisture, termites wouldn’t have a chance to roam around and explore.

Use Bait Stations 

When you observe the termites in your yard, the best solution is to use the bait stations. It helps to keep the termite away from your house because it acts as a termite repellant. And also, the nest is destroyed with the bait station to avoid further damage by the termites.

Keep the Wood Piles Away From Your House

It is an easy pathway for the termites, so that’s why you need to make sure that you keep the woods away from your house at least 20 feet. To get the most out of the DIY termite control, all kinds of wood, including firewood, mulch piles, etc., have to be away, which is one of the easiest and quickest techniques for termite control.

Use Repellent termiticide 

By applying the repellent termiticide on the wood, you’d ensure that the termites don’t come onto that wood. You can use it on your fences and decks. This way they won’t be able to discover these places.

Don’t use Cardboard

This is another thing which the termites like and would come quickly on it. Ensure that you don’t use Cardboard for any storage in your house or your garage. A plastic bin would be the best alternative to the cardboard storage material.


So, these are some of the DIY termite control techniques that will help you keep the termites out of your house. It could get tough once the termites have entered your home and done a lot of damage. But don’t worry, you can always contact the pest control technicians to get the pest control treatment.

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