How To Tell If You Are Dealing with Toronto Termites?

Termites are pests that cause millions of dollars in damage to homes throughout Canada. Termites don’t cause direct harm to humans or pets like rodents or bedbugs, but they do cause significant financial harm.

When there is a termite infestation in a house, all the wooden structures present are already being consumed from inside. It is essential to know when you have termites in your home. The earlier you know about their presence, the better.

Once termites invade a property, they don’t go away without the use of professional termite treatment. Here are five ways you can tell if you have termites.

1.  Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are the most visible and obvious signs of a termite infestation. Usually, these tubes go from inside the wood. But when termites start to expand in numbers, they have to go out foraging. These tubes then begin to appear at random points in your house. You cannot ignore the presence of termites’ mud tubes because that is when the infestation has reached its maximum limit.

2.  Hollow Wood

The first sign of termites’ presence is hollow timber. If you have wooden furniture, doors, and other structures in your house, you may want to check if they sound hollow. You can simply check for this sound by knocking at different points on the wood. Termites essentially feed on the cellulose that is present in the wood. They consume the wood from inside and leave only a hollow outer layer that holds the entire structure.

3.  Clicking Noise

When there is a termite infestation in progress, you can hear a subtle clicking noise from the walls or wooden structures. Termite colonies have soldier termites that are responsible for the security of their territory. When they sense any danger, they start shaking their bodies simultaneously to make vibrations in the tunnels. They also bang their heads on the walls of the tunnels, which is where that clicking sound comes from.

4.  Wood Tunnels

These tunnels are inside the wood and hard to witness. But if you happen to see a tunnel similar to those mud tubes in a broken wood, it means they are already in there. Termites make tunnels inside the wood to travel safely while consuming all the cellulose from the wood.

5.  Flying Termites

if you come across a flying insect in your house that looks like a cross of an ant and a termite, it is a flying termite. These winged termites are known as swarmers. The swarmers are not like the rest of the termites with other responsibilities while staying under the cover. Winged termites have this responsibility to go out and look for new colonies. They establish new colonies as their population begins to increase. If you see any flying termites, you need to address the situation immediately. The best way to address this issue to contact your local pest control service.

The Take-Away

Getting rid of termite infestation on your own is a risk. You can damage your furniture in the process. To fully exterminate termites from your property, you will need tools that only the professional termite controllers have. Although there are some effective termite control methods you can try, it is always better to go for professional help.

Waheed Ahmed, CEO of Pesticon Pest Control

Written by: Waheed Ahmed Founder & CEO, Pesticon Pest Control

For over 18 years, Waheed has provided customers with the best pest control services in the Greater Toronto Area. The longevity of Pesticon is due to his philosophy of genuinely caring for his customers and putting them first. It's this kind of passion that has won him the HomeStars Award over 9 years in a row. 

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