What You Need to Know About Termite Damage Repair in Elmira

There has been significant evidence that termites can cause severe damage to homes, resulting in costly repair bills typically not covered by conventional insurance policies. A pest control professional can assist if you discover damage to your home.

Types of Damage

Termites can cause the following damage:

  • Buckling walls or ceilings
  • Showing signs of water damage
  • Designs like mazes in wood structures
  • A mud tunnel on a home’s foundation
  • Visible swarms of termites

Sadly, these signs often indicate that you have been experiencing a termite infestation for some time and that the colony is flourishing.

A termite infestation that has advanced can negatively impact the structural integrity of your home, even causing the floor or the ceiling to collapse.

Although the damage may not affect the structure of your house, ruined carpeting, walls, furniture, or flooring can still affect the comfort of your family at home. No matter what damage your termites have caused, you should take immediate action to prevent further damage.

Can You Fix Termite Damage in Elmira?

If an infestation is left untreated for some years, it is possible, although rare, for some species of termites to cause permanent structural damage to a house. Formosan termites are the most destructive type of subterranean termite. If left uncontrolled, a large colony of Formosan termites can cause significant structural damage to a house within two years.

In contrast, other termite species would require several more years to cause the same degree of damage as Formosan termites because they have much smaller colonies. It is estimated that some dry wood termite colonies are so small that it would take over twenty years for them to cause damage so extensive that it would be impossible to repair.

Termites are not typically able to completely destroy a building before the homeowner becomes aware of their presence. Typically, as a colony matures, it begins to show signs of activity. Homeowners can detect termite infestations at an early stage by having periodic inspections performed by licensed termite technicians.

How to Repair Termite Damage

To repair wood damaged by termites, there are two main methods:

  • Replace damaged wood sections entirely or
  • reinforce them with wood.

In most cases, damaged wood can be simplified and repaired for a lower cost by adding wood support. Damaged wood can be supported in most cases, simplifying and reducing the cost of repair. Typically, it would be best to replace structural supports in these cases. During repairs, you must maintain the home’s integrity by providing adequate temporary support.

Before repairing termite damage, you might want to get quotes from a few local contractors.

Things to Consider Before Repairing Termite Damage in Elmira

Homeowners can reverse termite damage by consulting a termite treatment specialist, although there is a possibility of repairing the damage themselves.

It is important to wait till a licensed pest professional confirms that there are no longer termites present and no further infestation is in danger before making any repairs.

Termite inspectors can help with both active infestations and preventative measures. A termite inspector can also identify all damage caused by termites so that you know the extent of the work that needs to be done. If you take these steps, you will avoid expensive future repairs.

As soon as you have made sure you are not at risk of future termite infestation, you should repair existing damage.

Prevent Costly Termite Damage Repairs in Elmira

Structural failure can be prevented or significantly reduced with annual termite inspections and treatments.

Woodpiles, debris under plants, dead plants, and plants dying on a property should be checked, and crawl spaces, siding, voids in the exterior and interior walls, decks, loose panelling, and areas with excess moisture should be checked. Regular termite inspections will help prevent infestations and expensive repairs.


Instead of thinking about termite damage repair in Elmira, think about termite prevention. A good pest control company can inspect your home, office, or commercial space for termites and use the latest technology and proven methods to remove any termites living in your facility.

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