Toronto Pest Control Solutions has become an integral part of the manufacturing chain, especially for logistic service providers. Keeping warehouses free of pests is a critical requirement to ensure compliance with third party audits.

And after the Montreal Protocol, most businesses have shifted the focus towards an Integrated Pest control plan that includes prevention as well as eradication of pests rather than working to remove pests once an infestation has been observed.

It is important to understand that warehouses with their multiple entry points, continual traffic, storage of merchandise and the frequent use of overhead access points, are extremely vulnerable to pest infestations.

This problem is further compounded by the storage of different kinds of products together. This allows certain pests to further their reach to non-food groups.

The Warehouse Invaders

So what kind of pests commonly seek harborage in warehouses?

While almost any kind of pest can be attracted towards food, they can easily be grouped into three main categories.

Rodents: Undoubtedly, rodents are the most damaging pests for warehouses around the globe. With an ability and a nasty habit of gnawing through almost any surface, rodents can quickly destroy non-food items like clothes, furniture and paper. And if it comes into contact with food products, it means contamination which could mean recalling large consignments of finished goods.

Insects: Insects can include a wide range of bugs and critters including ants, beetles, moths and even termites. The problem with insects is that they have the ability to multiply quickly and their huge numbers can cause a huge damage in very little time.

Birds: Birds are known to nest in warehouses because of the security it provides from predators. Bird droppings can be a major sanitation problem for warehouses.

What A Pest Infestation Can Do

A Pest infestation in any warehouse can be detrimental to the company.

  • Damages the reputation
  • Customers lose trust in the brand
  • Contracts can be terminated
  • There will be lawsuits and possible prosecutions due to non-compliance
  • Cost of urgent pest treatments will be increased

Integrated Pest Management

To secure the warehouse from pest invasions, it is necessary for logistic providers to protect the goods right from the manufacturing stage until they reach the warehouse. Everything from the delivery vehicle should be considered to be a part of this process.

This is not easy to implement in-house and should be left to expert Pest control companies in Toronto who can provide you with the technical know-how and practical solutions that are efficient and fast.

Some of the services that Pest Control Company in Toronto can provide are:

  • Inspection of the incoming Cargo
  • Inspections before the audit and recommendations, if any
  • Compliance with GMP and GLP requirements
  • Specialized fumigation when necessary
  • Stringent quality control measures
  • On-site protocols to minimize the risk of infestation
  • Expertise in removing all kinds of pests
  • 24/7 Emergency response

Warehousing demands a specialized approach towards pest control that only an expert pest control professional can provide you with. So, partner with a company that understands the challenges involved and how to prevent them.

Our Guarantee

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