All Natural Methods of Eliminating Termites

Termites can destroy your home if you let them go unchecked. They do not take long to chew through structural beams and cause extensive damage. It would be best to regularly inspect termites on your property to save your house from damage and your money. If the problem gets severe, the best thing to do is to consult a pest control service in Toronto. If it’s not severe, you can make the most of the following natural methods to exterminate termites:

  1. Nematodes:

 Nematodes love eating termites, and you can buy these parasitic worms from specialty stores or online. You can free these worms in the infested area to take care of termites for you. They keep reproducing unless all termites are gone. They are highly efficient for termite control in Toronto if you introduce enough of these to the colony.

  1. Vinegar:

Vinegar has many benefits as you can use it to clean everything from your kitchen counter to the shower. You can even use it to kill termites. You can mix a half cup of it with juice from a few lemons to prepare your termite killer. Put your prepared solution in a spray bottle and spray around the suspected area. This acidic solution will kill termites once they come in contact with it.

  1. Borax Powder:

It can also kill termites, besides washing your laundry. You can either mix it with water or sprinkle the powder around the possible infested area to exterminate termites from your property.

  1. Orange Oil:

Orange oil is deadly for termites, and it is derived from orange peels. You can purchase this oil conveniently from a home improvement or a garden store, as well as online. You can spray this oil directly on termites or suspected areas of infestation. It will dissolve termites’ exoskeletons, make them lose moisture and proteins, and cause them to die in the end.

  1. Wet Cardboard Bait:

Termites love water and cellulose, and you can take advantage of this fact. If you think termites are in your house, you can spray down a piece of cardboard with water to create a cardboard bait to lure out termites. Once the termites settle on the specific spot, you can take the cardboard piece away and burn it to kill termites.

  1. Sunlight:

Termites do not like the sunlight and die when exposed to unbearable heat. If you suspect the presence of termites on any piece of your furniture, you should drag it to the yard and expose termites to the sun for a bit.

Why Take Precautions against Termites?

The ideal solution for getting rid of termites permanently from your home is to contact pest control experts in Toronto to inspect your home and exterminate these insects. Nonetheless, you need to keep wood, cellulose, and cardboard away from your home. You can keep extra lumber in a crawl space and firewood in the garage to prevent future termite infestation.


Termites are destructive pests, and pest control professionals in Toronto know how to eradicate them for good. However, the following six natural methods can help you kill termites if termite infestation on your property is not severe:

  1. Release nematodes on the infested area.
  2. A vinegar solution can also help you kill termites.
  3. Borax powder is even better than vinegar.
  4. Orange oil is also an adequate remedy.
  5. A wet cardboard box is a good natural bait.
  6. Exposing the infested furniture piece to sunlight.

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