Have Mice Made Your Home or Business A Mess In Toronto?

Mice are the most unwelcoming pests in Toronto to find in your home or the workplace. They can cause substantial damage to property structures via their gnawing ability after building their nests. They have cute and fuzzy faces still, they are not the creatures whom you want in your home in Toronto. They can put things in your homes at risk.

You will definitely not like someone chewing your furniture all day and leaving droppings all over the kitchen in your home or gnawing electrical wirings in your walls to destroy your heating and cooling system; nevertheless, the mice can do that in no time. They also carry various diseases, so you need someone trained for mice control in Toronto. Any ideas?

Whom should you approach? You should approach the service well-versed in pest control in Toronto. You can count on Pesticon, a highly reliable pest control service, for mice control in homes or workplaces.

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Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control services in Toronto that our backed by our 6 months guarantee. We will visit your property free of charge if your pest problems persist as your satisfaction is our number 1 priority!

Pesticon has consistently won the HomeStars award for Best Pest Control Company for 4 years in a row serving Toronto and GTA

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The Common Mouse Species

The mice are nocturnal creatures who can be rarely seen by homeowners as they remain active during the night or dusk when the majority of homeowners are asleep or workplaces are silent. The three common mouse species in Toronto are the house mouse, the field mouse (deer mouse), and the white-footed mouse. Let us have an in-depth look at the most common mouse species:

Mice Control in Toronto
  • Deer (Field) Mouse

    It’s a pest that lives in wooden areas. It may build messy nests inside stored furniture or mattresses and stow food indoors that may attract insects and pests into one’s home. It is a destructive that will gladly chew wooden structures, and it also carries a range of health concerns for homeowners. Its size is 3.8 inches (ins) and the tail is bicolored & 2.5 inches long. It weighs around 0.72 oz (ounce). It is pale grayish to reddish-brown on the top and side with white fur on its belly. Its signs of infestations include droppings, gnawed objects, mice sightings, and nests.

  • House Mouse

    It’s a pest that is active year-round, so it can invade your home at any time. It lives in and around human structures including wall voids, storage boxes, attics, barns, sheds, lofts, basements, crawlspaces, cabinets, and warehouses. Its size is 1 to 4 ins with a tail of the same size. It weighs 0.68 oz. It has small feet and a small head with large eyes & ears. Its sign of infestations includes droppings, gnawed plastic or furniture, and tracks & rodent sightings. It also emits a musky odour.

  • White Footed Mouse

    A white-footed mouse is found throughout most of the U.S. (United States) and Canada. It primarily lives in tree holes within logo piles and outdoor sheds, and it can also quite easily get into your home. Its size is 5.5 to 8 ins, and it has an average tail length ranging from 2.25 to 4 inches. It weighs 0.79 oz. The feet and the belly of this mouse are white, while the upper parts of its body are grayish to reddish-brown. Its signs of infestations embrace droppings, scratch marks on walls, chewed up food packages or newspapers, and a stale smell in your home.

Health Risks Associated with Mice

The mice are known to disseminate more than 35 diseases in Toronto. Their droppings can trigger allergies and spread food-borne illnesses. So you will not be saved from Salmonella if there are mice droppings in your home. A deer mouse can transfer Hantavirus that can sicken you and cause you a kidney, blood, or respiratory ailments. A house mouse can infect you with LCMV (Lymphocytic Chorio-Meningitis Virus) which can cause you infections, particularly, in the colder months. According to the scientists: ‘A white-footed mouse is a primary carrier of the Lyme Diseases, as it hosts black-legged ticks making it a key culprit in the spread of Lyme Disease.’ So you are at risk of health hazards if the mouse species have made their entry into your home or workplace. So you should be serious about mice control in Toronto.

Why Choose Pesticon For Mice Control in Toronto?

The following are good reasons you have to choose us for mice control in Toronto in your home or workplace:

  • We Are Specialists at Mice Extermination: Over time, we have developed tried-and-tested mouse control techniques to completely exterminate the mice problem from residential and commercial spaces in Toronto and other cities in the GTA.
  • Our Approach for Mice Control Is Humane: We stick to a humane approach for pest control in homes and workplaces. It ensures the safety of everyone on properties in Toronto in addition to the environment, except for pests like mice.
  • We Ensure Mice Management and Prevention: We do not only get rid of the mice infestation from homes or workplaces for good. But also make sure that the mice problem does occur again on properties in the future. 
  • The Same-Day Service: Our technicians are present all around the GTA and are available for same-day service for mice control.
Health Risks Associated with Mice in Toronto

The Most Trusted Rat & Mice Exterminator
in Toronto

We promise effective, reliable, and guaranteed mouse extermination in Toronto. Once you call us to get rid of mice and rats from your home, we shall visit your home; then our technicians will seal all the entry points for rat removal or mice removal from your house or workplace. We deploy a variety of methods to take care of mouse or rat infestations. All you need to do is to consult our exterminator to determine: Which treatment will be suited for your space and situation?

Whether you have seen, both the mice and rats running in your home or business place and leaving droppings, you must act immediately to get rid of these pests from your home or business facility. They can create health problems for all the people living in your home or associated with your business. They can be a cause of nuisance and a source of mental discomfort; they are distressing for numerous reasons. Getting familiar with the rodent species is the very first step to getting rid of them, and our exterminators will stand side by side to help you get rid of the intruders, rodents from your home in Toronto.

Pesticon is the most reliable service for rat and mice control in Toronto. Our rodent exterminators can quickly resolve the rodent problem you are facing in your home or commercial space.

Our 5 Step Process

  • Step 1: We shall provide you a free quote over the phone to let you know about our cost and how we plan to eliminate the problem of rodents.
  • Step 2: Once we are on the site, we shall be able to identify the rodent specie(s) that may have invaded your home.
  • Step 3: Our rodent control experts will conduct a detailed analysis of the property by looking for signs, such as droppings or gnaw marks
  • Step 4: As soon as we realize the general movement of the rodent activity in your home, we shall explain to you how we can resolve the problem.
  • Step 5: Once you give us approval, we shall start the rodent extermination process

How to Eradicate Mice from Your Home

Some Common DIY (Do It Yourself) Techniques, But They Don’t Work: Yes, most people in Toronto prefer to eliminate rodents from their homes without paying someone to do it for them. Still, this strategy does not work for them. What they do is that they choose Google to seek answers from the search engine about how to get rid of rodents from their home DIY; nevertheless, the majority of the homeowners find them unsuccessful in their tactics, so homeowners should leave the job of rodent removal from their homes to the experts, as they commit the following mistakes:

Mice Removal Toronto
  • Misunderstanding the Problem

    Many homeowners don’t realize the scope of the problem with rodents. It is significant to note that if you don’t see more than one mouse or rat in your home, then it means there is only one. The majority of homeowners set their store-bought traps to eliminate the first rodent. However, the rodents in your home are very likely reproducing at the moment. You may add peanut butter to the trap to deceive the mouse or a rat in your home; however, you should know that rodents are pretty keen on sensing the danger that lies ahead for them.

  • Misreading the Instructions

    If you want to control the pests in your home, then you should know one thing that is, the methods of pest control must be well-executed. If you skip one step, then it can spoil your whole ploy. So it is better if you leave the job of pest control to the experts in Toronto, as they will not like to miss a single step in removing rodents from your home.

  • Giving Up

    Many people halt treating the infestations when they no longer see the problem. In some cases, homeowners don’t see the droppings on the floor, so they think that the problem is resolved. On the other hand, the one rodent you may have seen likely has a whole family inside your wall that you can’t see. If you hire professionals, they will not stop until every single rodent from your property is eliminated.

Pesticon as Rat Exterminators

The rodents are extremely clever at infesting homes or workplaces and causing problems. Contingent on the design and location of your home or workplace in Toronto plus based on the external environmental factors, we can use a range of pest control strategies that will be safe for your children and pets or employees. Here is how we deal with the rats:

  1. Inspection: Both rats and mice are very effective in making homes for themselves inside the homes of homeowners or business places in Toronto. They can make nests in walls, attics, basements, and cabinets. Before our technician comes up with any kind of treatment plan, our experts will carry an inspection of the space to get a clear idea of how severe the infestation is.
  1. Treatment: Our treatment will be different in every situation contingent on the type rat infestation in your home or workplace, the severity of the infestation, and the location of nesting areas. After inspecting your home or workplace, we shall come up with the best remedy to treat the rodent problem in your home. We may be using traps or poison, in some cases to get rid of the rodents from your home for good.

Similarities and Differences Between Mice and Rats


  • Both are rodents
  • Both run against the structure of a building while they travel for their own comfort
  • Both leave rub marks on the entrances of holes in walls, caused by oil stains on the stomach while they run on the floor


  • The mouse species are curious, and the rats are shy.
  • The mouse species will search and cover a circular radius of 10 metres (m), whereas the rats can cover 30 m
  • It is more difficult to catch rats than mouse species
  • The mice droppings are like rice grains, while rat droppings are similar to a pellet.

Homeowners or business owners need a pest control professional in Toronto who can carefully guide them about the importance of rodent control in homes or workplaces plus come up with the best solutions to get rid of the rodent problems from their homes or workplaces respectively.

What Sets Pesticon Apart from Other
in Toronto for Mice Control

Our services are highly efficient and effective that solely focus on the customers’ needs. Our service is fully licensed and insured. We serve the residential and commercial customers using the best products and tools for mice control in Toronto. Here are the checks for our service that set us apart from the others in Toronto:

  • Top-Notch Standards
  • Guaranteed Services
  • Un-Branded Vehicles
  • Effective Service Standards

FAQs about Rats and Mice Control in Toronto

  • How much is pest control for homeowners for mice in Toronto?

    Appointing a mouse exterminator costs about $450 to $600 with the homeowner spending an average amount of $525 for the service that includes consultation, traps, sealant, and follow-up.

  • When should you call pest control for mice in Toronto?

    If you uncover a nest in your home or workplace, then it’s ideal to call an exterminator to search for the signs of an active infestation. Once they see the signs of mice in your home or workplace, they will stick around until they are eliminated

  • Who is the best rodent control company in Toronto for homeowners?

    The best rodent control company is the one that can get rid of the rodents from your home effectively and efficiently. You can trust the company, Pesticon in Toronto for highly effective and efficient rodent control.

  • How do professionals get rid of mice in Toronto?

    The professionals in Toronto get rid of the mouse species from the homes of homeowners and businesses in the following ways:

    1. First, they will properly identify the population of mouse species in your home or business place.
    2. They will identify all possible sites and feedings points, then eliminate them.
    3. They will use the extermination techniques to eliminate the mouse species utilizing the traps and baits.

    So it is always a sagacious decision to call the pest control service, such as Pesticon to get rid of mouse species from one’s home or a business place.

Who We Are

Pesticon is a reputable pest control company and one of the largest providers of residential pest control in Toronto. Both homeowners and business owners need to understand the importance of pest control in their homes and business premises, respectively. When your residential or commercial space is pest-free, it ensures the safety of everyone on your property alongside property structures.

Different types of pests, such as bed bugs, mice, ants, roaches, etc., can infest your home or workplace in Toronto. If pests infest your home or business premises in Toronto, you should waste no time and contact the experts, such as Pesticon, for pest control. Our unique standards in service delivery are what set us apart from other exterminators in Toronto.

Our pest control services with guaranteed pest removal from properties have helped us earn remarkable ratings on HomeStars, ThreeBestRated, and Google. Pesticon has been serving the GTA, including Toronto, with its expert and knowledgeable pest control technicians for more than two decades now. We also offer animal control services in Toronto as a private business.

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