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Pesticon is a highly reliable pest control service with esteem for ant control in Toronto.

Have carpenter ants, pavement ants, Pharaoh ants, or other ant species infested your home or workplace in Toronto? No worries! Our certified and well-trained pest control technicians can locate ant nests, track the queen ant, and exterminate the ant problem. We are a reputable pest control company for ant removal in the GTA, including Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Ajax, and others. Our pest control services, including ant control, are quick and efficient. You can get in touch with Pesticon today for ant control in Toronto to help us resolve your ant problem. 

An ant infestation in your home should not surprise you when you live close to the natural habitat of ants. Additionally, calling professionals will certainly help you get rid of the ant problem for good when you are dealing with a large ant infestation. Nevertheless, you can also restrict ants from infesting your home if you take the right steps beforehand to avert ants. 

You can deter ants from infesting your home if you block the entry points for ants. Fixing the cracks or gaps in the walls or floors of your house can help you avert an ant infestation. Moreover, you may use cornmeal to kill ants if ants have infested your home already. Place cornmeal around ant colonies in your home. Ants will eat the cornmeal and also take it back to their colony, which will eventually kill all ants. 

However, cornmeal takes longer to work than pesticides, as ants cannot digest cornmeal. Still, it is a safe and effective remedy to kill ants when you have children and pets. In addition, you may place basil leaves around the ant colony or sprinkle cinnamon around your house to repel ants.

In any case, it is best that you contact pest control experts to tackle an ant infestation effectively. Pest control experts can eradicate the ant problem from your home for good and also prevent future ant infestations. It won’t only prevent you, your children, and your pets from health risks but also thwart property damage.

Do Not Wait and Call Us Today to Help Us Permanently Eradicate the Ant Problem from Your Home or Workplace.

Please, Do Not Ignore a Small Ant Infestation

Apparently, ants are harmless pests that can gradually increase in numbers in a home or a business place. Generally, an ant infestation begins with a small colony of worker ants that multiply over time. Put differently, a small ant infestation turns into a large ant infestation, provided that you ignore ants initially. Therefore, you can understand the importance of ant control in Toronto if ants infest your residential or commercial space.

Besides, sugar, grease, and salt will typically attract ants to your property though ants eat many different types of food. Further, ants may make their way in search of food to food storage areas on your property, like food closets.

Moreover, ants can make their nests almost anywhere on your property. They may make their nests in the walls, foundations, gaps, etc., in your home. When ants infest your home or commercial space, even in small numbers, you should never ignore them. It is because ant populations can reach from hundreds to thousands & even over a million in infested spaces with central and satellite nests.

It is important to note that queen ants can live for decades and up to 30 years at most. You will also let the ant problem turn worse on your property if you do not address it soon. A large ant infestation is also challenging to get rid of for an inexpert. Nevertheless, you can get rid of an ant infestation from your property successfully if you call the professionals for it.

Remedies for Ant Control in Toronto That Can Help You

The key to deploying remedies for ant control is to understand that different ant species will respond to them differently. Relying on pest control technicians is always your best bet for ant control in Toronto. You may give us a call to avail of our pest control service for ant control on your property. Our technician can tell you right away, after inspecting your property, the type of ant species you are dealing with. Our expert technician can locate ant nests, track the queen, and eradicate the ant problem from your property for good.

What makes Pesticon a reliable name for ant control in the GTA is our quick and efficient service, which is also backed up by our 6-month warranty. You may opt for over-the-counter pesticides for ant control instead of hiring experts for the job. Nevertheless, over-the-counter treatments won’t likely help you get rid of the queen and ant colonies for good from your property.

Further, trying to get rid of an ant infestation yourself will likely turn the problem worse for you. Nevertheless, some remedies can thwart an ant infestation in your home, which we have mentioned below:

  • Store food, such as sugar, salt, etc., in sealed or airtight containers that may attract ants.
  • Seal any holes you have in your home to avert ants from spreading in your residential space.
  • Use cornmeal to your advantage to kill ants, including those in the colony, if ants have already infested your home.
  • Use cinnamon or basil leaves as an ant-repellent to deter ants from infesting your home.

Still, it is best that you call Pesticon for guaranteed and long-term results for ant control in your home. We won’t only clear your home from ants completely but also help you avert future ant infestations.

Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control services in Toronto that our backed by our 6 months guarantee. We will visit your property free of charge if your pest problems persist as your satisfaction is our number 1 priority!

Pesticon has consistently won the HomeStars award for Best Pest Control Company for 4 years in a row serving Toronto and GTA

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Who We Are

Pesticon is a renowned pest control company and one of the largest providers of residential pest control in the GTA. We have been in the pest control business for more than two decades now. Further, we offer a wide range of pest control services to homeowners and business owners in the GTA. Our notable pest control services include bed bug removal, ant control, termite control, mice control, cockroach removal and others. We are not a government agency but a private business that also offers an animal control service.

If pests, such as mice, ants, roaches, wasps, termites, etc., have infested your home or workplace in Toronto, you can get in touch with Pesticon for pest control. We can effectively get rid of the pest infestation from your property and make it completely pest-free. Our unique standards in service delivery are what set us apart from other pest control companies in Toronto. Further, our outstanding ratings on HomeStars, ThreeBestRated, and Google are proof of our credibility as one of the best pest control companies.

Our long-term experience in pest control and well-trained technicians help us eradicate any type of pests from residential and commercial spaces. Pesticon is a fully registered pest control company that offers pest control services in Toronto and several other cities in the GTA.

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Top 10 Solutions for Ant Control in Toronto Homes

Top 10 Solutions for Ant Control in Toronto Homes

Ant Infestation in a Clean House? Discover the Reasons and Solutions in Toronto!

Ant Infestation in a Clean House? Discover the Reasons and Solutions in Toronto!

Uncovering Toronto's Ants' Sweet Tooth: Do They Really Go for Chocolate?

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Ants in the Workplace: Effective Strategies to Deter Ants from Your Toronto Office Buildings

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Ants are social insects that comprise over 13,000 species living in large colonies, which can consist of thousands or even millions of individual ants with one or two queens that lay eggs. They are the most successful animals on earth because they are almost found everywhere except in the high Arctic, Antarctic, and some islands.

Odorous Ants Removal

Odorous Ants

They are called odorous ants because they release an awful smell of rotten coconut when crushed. They are known to make their nests in homes and in excavated soil, and they can live for several years. Odorous ants do not cause structural damage to buildings but can contaminate food.

Color: Dark Brown to Black

Size: 1/6 inch -1/8 inch

Habitat: Their nests are found in cracks and holes where pipes or wires enter the house and in excavated soil.

Carpenter Ant Removal

Carpenter Ants

They are industrious ants that can cause serious damage to your home. Signs of a carpenter ant infestation include sawdust close to or beneath decayed wood.

Color: Reddish Black

Size: 5/8 inches in size

Habitat: Carpenter ants usually build their nests outdoors in decayed wood in trees, tree roots, tree stumps, and logs around the house. Further, they enter properties through cracks or holes where pipes and wires pass through into the house.

Argentine Ants Removal

Argentine Ants

These ants discharge a stale odour when crushed and can contaminate food, but they don’t pose a danger to health.

Color: Dark brown

Size: 1/4inch - 1-6 inch

Habitat: They harbour colonies in the moist environment near a source of food.

red fire ant removal

Red Fire Ants

These ants have two nodes on their thorax, making them different from other ant species. The males are usually black; they only come out during mating swarms and die thereafter. When their nest is disturbed, they fight back with a painful sting that causes pain and a burning sensation for ten minutes.

Color: Dark Reddish Brown

Size: 1/8-3/8 inches long

Habitat: Fire ants create nests outdoors in open sunny areas or in the soil near the foundation of a building. They can gain access to the house through cracks or holes in the building structure and nest under floors and behind walls.

Pavement Ants Removal

Pavement Ants

These ants, as the name suggests, are called pavement ants because they make their nests inside a pavement or underneath it. They don’t pose a danger to health but can contaminate food.

Color: Darkish Brown to Black

Size: 1/8 inch long

Habitat: They make their nests inside or underneath a pavement through cracks, even into concrete and can damage structures by boring holes through them.

crazy ant removal

Crazy Ants

These ants got their name from the habit of the forager (worker), how it runs in an uncontrolled manner when searching for food. They don’t pose a danger to health, but if they gain entrance into a building, they can cause damage.

Color: Dark brown to Black in color with a Gray glint.

Size: 1/16-1/8 inch

Habitat: They nest outside in the soil surface underneath an object or close to the foundations of a building, but these ants also run into homes during autumn or shortly after the rainy season because these seasons reduce their food supply.