Are Termite Traps in Kitchener Safe And Effective?

Termite baits or termite traps are tubular plastic devices that you implant into the soil in your yard to end the termite infestation. If you are a homeowner, you may be wondering, are termite traps safe and effective? The answer is yes if you managed to install them properly and at the right place, they are the most effective and safest way to control termite activities on your property.

How Termite Traps Works?

Normally termite traps are installed in a parameter around your property, about 3 to 4 feet into your property foundation. Each termite trap is installed 10 to 15 feet apart in narrow holes that you first drill with the help of a specialized tool. Once you successfully install the termite trap, it should be filled with non-toxic termite food and monitored until the presence of termites is confirmed. The non-toxic termite food is replaced with toxic food, and there are standard termite barriers that use a specialized liquid that can be added to non-toxic termite food to make it toxic. The termite takes that toxic food back into their colonies, and once they share that food, they start to disappear slowly.

What are Termite Traps Made of?

Each termite trap consists of paper, cardboard or any other material that is infused with slow-acting termiticide. The traps material should be slow-acting to keep termite bait on that material long enough for them to carry it back to their colony. If a termite has eaten the slow-acting material, it won’t do anything for days, and they got plenty of time to consume it till the material activates and starts to infect the colonies.

Safe And Effective Termite Solution

These safe and effective termite solutions are popular among many homeowners as they are proven to be the easiest solution to end termite infestation. They are great for treating dry wood and subterranean termites. The material used is toxic to them and is not harmful to humans. These traps are not harmful to your pets, as they are buried under the soil far away from your pet’s reach.

Precautions For Termite Traps

Just installing them is not enough. You have to check the trap once in a while. The system must be monitored several times and maintained accordingly. The routines require you to remain attentive and keep a sharp eye so you can check the progress. If you show negligence, the same trap could be their reason for survival. If you fail to change the non-toxic food from toxic termite food, they could end up feasting on the cardboard and paper used in the trap. You need to consider a termite control specialist if you cannot manage the trap yourself. The service technician has good experience and knows how to manage the trap.

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Waheed Ahmed, CEO of Pesticon Pest Control

Written by: Waheed Ahmed Founder & CEO, Pesticon Pest Control

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