How To Kill Mississauga Termites In Furniture?

Termites are the kind of pests that only show the signs of their presence after they have already established an active infestation. We all know about termites’ passion for wood. They can easily eat entire wood structures inside out, leaving only thin layers of timber.

Unlike the carpenter ants that only dig the wood, termites consume the cellulose present in the moist wood. But you can never guess if your furniture’s wood is moist from inside or not. And you can also not prevent the termites from consuming the timber of your furniture without professional help. But of course, there are some ways you can use to kill or deter termites in furniture.

1.  Spray Mixture Of Essential Oils And Water

This is a remedy to deter the termites effectively. Whether you know it or not, termites hate some smells. Most of these smells, or should we say aroma, include the aroma from essential oils. These essential oils include garlic oil, cinnamon oil, tea tree oil, clove bud oil, etc. You have to make a mixture of any one or two essential oils with water and keep it in a mist spray bottle. Then you can directly spray the solution on the affected timber.

2.  Lure Away Termites With A Cardboard Trap

Cardboard is made out of several types of woods. It has the same cellulose to which termites are attracted. The trick with cardboard is that you have to make it wet so that it smells more than the wood they are infesting. You can place the pieces of cardboard or a box of cardboard near the affected furniture and then wait. After some hours pass, you will find most of the termites in the cardboard, and that’s the time you can get rid of them.

3.  Expose The Furniture To Sunlight

Although you will not be able to pull off a professional heat treatment for termites, you can get some results with the sunlight too. All you need to do is set your furniture out or where the sunlight falls directly. Let it sit there for a couple of days and see all the termites running out from that furniture. Termites are like humans when it comes to living with comfort; they need their cozy space. And when you expose them to such heat, they can’t take it for too long.

4.  Combine Boric Acid With Cardboard Trap

For this, you will need to mix the borax powder with water to form a solution of boric acid. Don’t worry; it is non-toxic and works well with termites. Once the solution is ready, you can either directly spray it on the furniture with termites inside or lace the cardboard with the solution to get better results (killing one bird with two stones).

5.  Use Professional Pest Control

You can skip all the other steps if you go for professional help. The most recommended practice in dealing with pests is to hire a professional pest control expert. When termites start infesting furniture, they don’t stop just at the furniture. You can expect them to go around and damage some crucial structural parts of your house too. The best way to exterminate termites is to let the professionals do it while you get on with your routine.

Final Thoughts

All of the tips mentioned above and methods are good only when there is a light infestation or the beginning of an infestation. Sure, you can keep the termites away with these methods, but you cannot get rid of a heavy infestation with these DIY techniques. The easiest solution in such cases is to go for professional pest controllers because they have what it takes to get rid of an infestation for a long time.

Waheed Ahmed, CEO of Pesticon Pest Control

Written by: Waheed Ahmed Founder & CEO, Pesticon Pest Control

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