History of Termites in Toronto

There are three common termite species in Canada. These are the eastern subterranean termites, the western subterranean termites, and Pacific dampwood termites. However, the eastern subterranean termites are a nuisance to human-made structures in Toronto. You can permanently get rid of them from your home if you contact a pest control service in Toronto. In this post, we shall share with you the history of how termites invaded Toronto and why they do not stop invading homes.

Termites in Toronto

Today, the eastern subterranean termites have invaded urban Toronto and spread across its core and suburb. However, many efforts have been made against termite control. As a result, people have no option except to rely on pest control services to get rid of termites from their properties for good. Usually, Canada has a cold climate throughout the year, so people do not often see termite species invading homes. Still, one termite species, subterranean termites, are hungry for wood and infest homes & neighborhoods throughout Toronto. Nonetheless, pest control experts in Toronto are there to eliminate these pesky termites from homes whenever needed.

The History

Toronto was infested with termites at the beginning of 1938 when the termites were first reported in the dock-lands zone. A small invasive population unintentionally arrived as stowaways on a shipment from Lake Ontario; still, the precise origin of termites in Toronto is unknown. No homeowner likes termites as they are the cause of millions of damages to properties, depreciating their value and making the lives of residents in Toronto stressful. According to pest controllers: Termites in Toronto cannot recognize their kin, which is why the termite population has become a challenging thing to control.

Why Cannot Toronto’s Termites Recognize Their Kin?

Even if you take termites from one part of Toronto and put them with termites miles away, they will recognize each other as colony mates. This helps them intermingle with other termites to create a big colony. So, termite A thinks termite B is her brother, although their genealogy might be removed 80 years ago. This difference may help eradicators exterminate termites for good from Toronto.

How To Detect Termites in Your Home in Toronto?

In Toronto, the subterranean termites cannot survive without any moisture. Different signs can tell you that this species has infested your home. For example, you may hear clicking sounds from walls. You may see them flying around, or you may notice your doors are tightly fitted or windows difficult to open. If you do not want your home to be at risk of termites eating it, you need to contact the pest control experts and have these pests removed for good.


Subterranean termites can be found throughout Toronto, and they are also the worst termite species in Canada. These termites are always hungry and keep infesting properties and neighborhoods to trouble the people. In 1938, their small population unintentionally arrived as stowaways on a shipment from Lake Ontario. If you take termites in Toronto to an area far away from the city, they will keep coming back because they cannot recognize their kin. Lastly, the best way to exterminate termites from your home in Toronto for good is by consulting a pest control service.

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