How Termites Get Into Your Property

It is said that termite season starts with mother’s day and doesn’t last until Father’s day. Well, it seems that they couldn’t wait until mother’s day this year, because petrified homeowners in Toronto are calling Pest Control companies about flying termites in the house.

The swarm has arrived earlier and it may partly be due to the erratic weather conditions that have been prevalent over the past couple of years.

But there’s no reason to be alarmed, say bug removal companies.

With great weather, come the not-so-great bugs. And they need an opening that’s only 1 1/6th of an inch in size to enter your home.

Does that mean that it is impossible to prevent termites from entering a property?

Well, not exactly. Termites can be prevented from entering a house by creating multiple barriers and eliminating any sources of potential nesting material from the surrounding.

How Termites Enter a House

It may seem like part of a script from the National Geographic, but Termites are extremely intelligent insects with a tremendous homing instinct towards habitable places. If you look at it like a homeowner, your home may hardly seem like a habitable place for termites. But look it at like a pest control professional.

  • Your home is connected to the outside world in more ways than you can imagine. A creeper growing on the garage wall, a tree that provides you with shade while covering the roof, an old tree stump in the corner of the yard that you long forgot about, there are many ways in which termites can enter your house.
  • Any source of wood that is located close to the house is a potential termite habitat waiting to be invaded. It is as simple as that.
  • If you have an old fireplace at home that warms your soul on a cold winter night, then it’s a normal practice to keep logs of wood piled up somewhere close to the home. However, that pile of wood can be the perfect lodging place for a colony of termites. Keep the wood logs locked away securely, away from the home.
  • And it is not just wood that they are attracted to either. Termites like moist places and vines growing near the home or touching the home are a magnet for termites. They often use vines to enter vents which are particularly vulnerable areas.
  • Mulch is considered to be a valuable resource for the lawn. But wood mulch that is constantly damp from watering in the garden is an open invitation for a termite colony. Spread the mulch away from the foundation. Use it near the perimeter and use gravel or rubber near the foundation.
  • It is important to avoid moisture from getting trapped anywhere in the house. The attic and the crawl space are areas that are often neglected. Ventilate these spaces and use a dehumidifier if need be.

You have to constantly be on the vigil for termite activity. If you suspect that there might be termites nesting somewhere in or around your home, then call a Pest control company Toronto immediately.

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