Carpenter ants are common pests found in homes throughout Toronto. They are often found cutting or grooving through decayed wood to create a tunnel where they live hence the name carpenter ants. Carpenter ants only survive where there’s adequate moisture. That’s why you’ll find them in wet environments such as attics and crawlspaces hiding in moist timbers and poorly ventilated spaces. Most people mistake carpenter ants for termites. However, unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t feed on wood. In terms of size, carpenter ants are among the biggest ants you’ll ever come across in the region. They measure 6 to 25mm long. Some are up to 1 inch long.

Carpenter ants usually enter the property via the following access points:

  • Clogged drains
  • Gutters
  • Holes which are present in the building’s foundation
  • Firewood that’s carried from outside to the house
  • Fencing that’s too close to the house
  • Heating ducts and air conditioners
  • Plumbing

Signs Of Carpenter Ants Present In The Surroundings

In most cases, you’ll notice the carpenter ants forming trails in areas where your food is stored such as the pantry. You may also notice some sawdust-like material as well as debris which comes out when they groove through the wood. Wood shavings and chippings may also appear at different corners in your property especially the dark spaces like the attic and walkways. In very quiet environments, you may hear a rustling sound that is produced by the ant colonies when they chew or move around the nest. Look out for signs of carpenter ants on any wooden structures that are attached to the house such as the patio or porch.

Management/Control Methods For Carpenter Ants

When you notice signs of carpenter ants inside your home, please note that this may not mean that the entire colony is inside your property. In most cases, a group of workers will move into the house to source for food which is then transported to an outside colony. The queens may also find their way inside your home in order to find a suitable habitat where they can set up their nest.

When you hire an expert to come and offer pest management and control services, their first step is to identify where the nest is located. Common nest sites inside the house include ceilings, wall voids, beneath the attic insulation or between the subfloors. Nests outside the house may be on tree stumps, roots of dead trees, dead limbs or under piles of wood in your compound.

A Pest Control Professional May Use Any Of The Following Methods To Remove The Nest:

  • Application of an insecticidal dust
  • Ant baits
  • Spraying a residual insecticide

Below Are Tips To Help You Prevent Future Carpenter Ant Problems In Your Property:

  • Remove moisture sources or structures that are moisture-damaged around your house
  • Store firewood as far as possible from the house
  • Remove dead roots, tree stumps, decayed tree limbs and logs from around your house
  • Fix areas that can attract moisture such as damaged flashing, blocked gutters, and downspouts
  • Ensure all exterior wood surfaces are properly painted and sealed
  • Place moisture barriers in places such as underneath the porches and decks and make sure these areas are properly ventilated.

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