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industrial pest control methods

Industrial Pest Control Methods

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Industrial Pest Control There is no place for pests in the food and beverage industry. Apart from being detrimental to the reputation of the company, pest activity can also result in prosecution and even closure of the facility. But due to a combination of multiple factors, many of which are extremely difficult to control, pests…

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garbage attracts unwanted pests and bugs

Clean up! Garbage Attracts Unwanted Pests and Bugs

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A general consensus among homeowners about pests and bugs is that they invade only filthy places. So, they are surprised when they find roaches or flies in their home. ‘How could they enter our home? Its spic and span.’ Well, maybe you are not cleaning in the right places. There is a reason why pets…

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how to bug proof your home

How to Bug Proof Your Home For The Summer

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From the stark and cold wintery days which are pleasurably bug-free, Toronto is ready to welcome the insect-friendly months. Along with getting the barbeque grills ready, homeowners are also looking to prepare themselves against an army of invaders like ticks, fleas, bees, scorpions, cockroaches, silverfish, hornets, flies, mosquitoes and anything else that creeps out of…

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