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the best ways to pest proof your garden

The Best Ways To Pest-Proof Your Garden

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Springtime is the ideal time to take out the gardening tools and begin preparing your garden box so that you can grow some vegetables and flowers. Whether you garden every year or this is your first attempt at gardening, we can help keep pests away no matter your experience level. We have put together some […]

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How to Find Out Which Pest Bit You in Toronto

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When you discover that you’ve been bitten or stung and are uncertain about the source, you tend to assume the worst. What are my chances of having bed bugs? It is important to note that bug bite reactions can vary and are often confused with other types of bites and stings. The following questions can […]

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Pests By Looking At Their Nests

How To Identify Pests By Looking At Their Nests

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Pollinating insects like wasps, hornets, and bees are essential for the ecosystem. Their nests can cause costly damage and even pose a health hazard if constructed on, near, or in our homes. Over 500,000 people go to the ER every year because of stinging insects. You need to know which stinging insect species are present […]

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