How to Remove Raccoons From The Attic of Your House in Toronto?

When you have raccoons in your attic, you might observe few things. For instance, you’d feel like someone is walking at the roof, or you might hear some banging sounds on the roof. So, have you been observing these lately? If you have, then you might have raccoons in your attic. Being the homeowner, you have to grapple with these pests all the time. You could ignore them, but that might turn into a full-blown infestation, and that is something you just don’t want in your house. That’s why you have to act as soon as possible when you find out about any pest activity in your home.

Raccoon damage inside your attic

You can’t even imagine how much damage these raccoons can cause. You would have to deal with the soiled insulation, ripped-up ductwork, etc. Apart from that, the fecal matter could get absorbed into the broken ducts, eventually entering the living space, and could cause illness. The pheromones released by the raccoons would help attract the other animals to the attic causing further damage. It would be best not to forget about the diseases spread by these raccoons, including parasite roundworm and zoonotic diseases.

Apart from causing a nuisance to the homeowners, it can cause a lot of damage to your property. Raccoons also spread various diseases, so your health, as well as your family’s, is at stake. This isn’t something you can take a chance on. You immediately have to call a raccoon removal service in Toronto for expert and complete removal.

Apart from the structural damage and the diseases, there is also peace of mind to consider. Just think about it. You are sleeping in your bed, and suddenly a loud noise wakes you up. You could end up having sleepless nights, and that would affect your entire day. Suffice it to say, the sooner you get rid of the raccoons in your attic, the better.

Let’s find out how you can get rid of them.

How to get rid of the raccoons?       

There are few steps involved in the removal process of the raccoons. However, let us tell you that it is not something which can be done easily and quickly. You’d need prior knowledge, experience to get it done. That’s why it is always recommended that you contact the pest control company to get it professionally done for you.

Look for all the raccoons in your attic

The most common reason for raccoons getting in your attic is because the female raccoon is pregnant and is about to give birth. Therefore, it would require a safe place to do that, and your attic is perfect for it. You’ll notice the activity of the raccoon from February to May mostly. If you don’t think you can handle it, which most people can’t, just call the wildlife removal service in Toronto, and they’ll take care of it all.

Removing them

There are many ways to get rid of them, but you have to find the safest and humane one. Trapping is one of them.

First of all, you have to take care of your own protection when performing the removal. So, for that, you need to get good thick leather gloves. When you have those, go up to the attic, and start with the youngest ones first. Pick them up gently and keep them in a pillowcase.

You can also set up the trap, which you can easily purchase from the hardware shop. If you want to make sure that the raccoons get trapped as soon as possible, you can use the young pup as live bait. The mother would come to her young pups at all costs and would be trapped.


Raccoons can cause a lot of damage to your attic. You have to check your attic regularly for any pest activity. Raccoons are not the only ones that love the attic. When trying to get rid of the raccoons, you have to make sure that you are safe because the young pups could bite as well.

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