How Often Should Pest Control Be Done in Kitchener?

Are you wondering how often you should get your house treated with pest control treatment? You must be thinking if you call the pest control professionals and get your home treated once only would solve the problem, and then you wouldn’t need it again. You are not alone. Most people think like that. But in reality, that’s not how it works.

So, how often should you get the pest control treatment in a year? The simple answer is that it depends on many factors, including the location, construction type, sanitation, and most importantly, what kind of pests are infesting your property.

We understand that the problem of pests can occur at any time of the year; that’s why contacting your professional pest control in Kitchener would help stop the infestation. They can plan pest control treatments to keep your house safe from these nuisance-causing pests. They will also tell you when you should get your place checked next.

Continue reading to find out how often the pests control needs to be done.

Factors to consider

Different types of pests require different kinds of treatments, and the frequency of the treatment also varies. For instance, if you have a problem with roaches, you might need treatment every week. On the other hand, the rodents would be treated monthly.

Moreover, if you’d like to know how often the treatment should be done for the pest control in Kitchener, you have to figure out the treatment plan, the size of the infestation, and the type of pest. These factors will tell you how many times you should go for pest control treatment in a year.

For example, the treatment of the pests like Spiders, moths, and silver ships may last few months. So, there is no point in getting this treatment weekly or daily. The treatment should be done quarterly only. However, if you are struggling with a severe ant infestation, you’d have to get the pest treatment after every three to six months.

Would there be pests in a new home?

Even though you might think that there would be no way for the pests to come inside the new home, your new home can still get infected. That is because the cracks and gaps on the newly built home may serve as a great place for the pests to gain entry. Or even during the construction of the house can cause pest problems.

On top of that, even if your house is not newly built, it might still have pests problems due to the constructions close to your home, rivers, and your neighbours who do not get their house cleaned by the pest control treatment.


There are multiple factors involved when determining when your house should be re-treated for pest control and how often. It mainly depends on the type of pests you are dealing with and how severe the infestation is in your house.

By contacting a professional pest control, you can get rid of every kind of pest. Remember to plan out regular maintenance after getting your house treated for the first time to keep your place pests free in the long run.

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