When Should You Call Toronto Animal Control?

Animals are warm, cuddly, and totally adorable. But sometimes, they may lead to injuries and financial loss. They might lead you to call for animal control in Toronto because they have become such a nuisance. It doesn’t matter how adorable their faces are; you still want to get rid of them as fast as possible. Also, there might be an animal being mistreated in your area, and you want to report that. You need to consult an animal control service if you suspect mistreatment of any pet or come across an injured animal. Let us discuss scenarios when you need to call animal control experts in Toronto for animal control:

Knowing the Type of Animals Wandering on Your Property:

Different animals may invade a property. For example, the neighbor’s pets may escape their homes like a dog/cat and search for a shelter at yours. Injured wildlife animals may also invade your property, posing a danger to you and your family. An animal, such as deer, may also be on your property. Dead animals may be dragged on your home’s backyard or front lawn by other animals. Deer is a wildlife animal, but it is not harmful; therefore, you do not need to call animal control if you see deer on your property. On the other hand, you have to contact an animal control service in Toronto for animals, such as cats or dogs or wildlife animals.

Animals Having Rabies:

Dogs and cats can get rabies. They may wander on your property in Toronto, creating a grave risk for you, your family, and your pets. The following signs can help you find out if the animal on your property has rabies:

  • Aggressive Behavior: If you notice that a stray dog is barking excessively and making loud noises, it might be a symptom of rabies.
  • Lost Feeling: Animal looking lost or confused is also an indicator of rabies.
  • Partial Paralysis: If you find that the animal cannot walk in a straight line or move its legs comfortably, it has probably caught rabies.
  • Over-Excitement: Cats may become over-excited or agitated wandering on your property; it is also one sign of rabies in cats.
  • Repeated Licking: Stray animals may be licking at a particular spot repeatedly; this is another sign of rabies among cats and dogs.

Suppose you are sure that the animal on your property has caught rabies. In that case, you should waste no time and ask for the animal control expert for animal control in Toronto and remove it from your place humanely.

Injured or Dead Animal on Your Property:

An injured or dead animal may make its way on your property. You may even see a dead deer on the road, and you may notice that a car hit a dog or a cat and ran without stopping to see what had happened. It is your responsibility to call the animal control expert in Toronto in both of the preceding cases.

Animal (Pets) Abuse:

At times, pet owners become mad at their pets and never properly care for them. Signs of pet neglect include apparent wounds, underweight, and anxious pets. If you are sure about animal abuse or pet neglect, you should call the animal control service in Toronto to come and assist you with it.


Animals may come to your property in Toronto for different reasons. You have to call for help from a pest control service for animal control in Toronto if you see an animal on your property for any of the following four reasons:

  1. If you know that the animal is a threat to your property.
  2. An animal is fighting with rabies.
  3. The animal is harmed or dead.
  4. An animal (pet) is anxious owing to abuse or neglect.

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