When is the Best Time for Pest Control Treatment in Kitchener?

Many people wonder what is the best time for the pest control treatment. Pests can find their place in your house throughout the year. There is no particular season for that.

However, some of the pests are more active in one season, and they might be widely present in that season. On the other hand, some other types of pests might be more active in different seasons.

Understanding certain pests’ timings would help you plan out the pest control in Kitchener and keep your house protected from the pests. The most important point that you need to remember is not to delay the pest control treatment if you observe any pests in your house. The situation could get terrible if you wait for the perfect time.

Why Spring is the best season for Pest control in Kitchener? 

Even though there is no season for pest infestation, the Spring season is known in Kitchener and beyond as the pests season. That is because as the temperature rises, they become more visible. When it’s cold, the pests are not very active. They mostly find their places in the cracks and gaps of your house, and they don’t usually come out in the front.

When you want to get your house pests-free, you can get professional pest control experts trained in dealing with different pests. Make sure you contact the Pest control workers as soon as you discover pests in your house before it becomes a big problem for you.

Pests would be easily eliminated in springs.

One more advantage of doing pest control in Spring is that the number of pests at the start of the springs is relatively low. So, you’d be able to destroy them quickly.

In addition to that, you wouldn’t require a massive pest control treatment and would be more effective and long-lasting. Generally, only getting the treatment once would work well. However, if you think you should only call the pest control treatment company once the pests increase, it would be a huge mistake. That would be a wrong decision because, at that time, it would require more effort and extensive pest control treatment to solve the infestation problem.

When it’s summertime, and you see some spiders and ants in your house, call the pest control professionals immediately. Professional Pest control workers use advanced ingredients and equipment to get rid of the pests and colonies.


Although pests can be found throughout the year, there is some advantage of getting your house treated for pests during the Spring. As the temperatures rise in springs, pests can be easily seen, and then a minor pest treatment would help get rid of them.

Lastly, whenever you see pests in your house, you should immediately call professional pest control workers to treat them. Otherwise, the problem could get very bad.

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Waheed Ahmed, CEO of Pesticon Pest Control

Written by: Waheed Ahmed Founder & CEO, Pesticon Pest Control

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