Is Indoor Pest Control Safe for Pets in Kitchener?

Have you ever thought about how harmful pest control can be for your pests? In this article, you will figure out if indoor pest control treatment is safe for pets or not.

We think about the safety of our kids when you need a pest control treatment, but when it comes to the safety of the pets, either you don’t have knowledge about it, or you are under the impression that Pest control in Kitchener is completely safe for the pets.

But let us tell you that in reality, that’s not the case. We have to make some efforts to keep our adorable pets safe during the Pest control treatment.

Let’s find out how safe pest control is for pets!

Is pest control safe for pets?

Nowadays, the pesticides used for spraying in the yard and house aren’t very harmful to the pets. They are made with chemicals that are not dangerous for pets anymore. There was a time before when the chemicals used in the Pest Control used to be harmful to the pets.

Now, it’s just a myth that pesticides are not safe for pets. The pest control worker would ensure that the pesticides being sprayed are not harmful to your cute pets.

Ways to keep your pets safe

As discussed above, pest control treatment is safe for pets as chemicals that could be harmful to the pets are not used anymore. However, you still need to follow some tips to be on the safe side when pest control treatment happens inside your house.

1- Speak to the technician

Speak to the pest control technicians and let them know that you have pets in your house. Once they have this information, they will make sure they use pet-friendly pest control products. Experienced technicians with the required skill set for pet-friendly pest control treatment will ensure that they follow all the standards and operating procedures to keep your animals safe during Pest control in Kitchener.

2- Keep your pets in a room 

You don’t want to risk the lives of your pets, right? That’s why you have to take this precaution as well. Keeping your pets in a room means that they should be kept in a place where the treatment hasn’t taken place. Possibly in a confined space, or the other option is you can send them outside in the yard. The reason for that is the pets are habitual of sniffing things and might inhale the pesticides when they are wet, so let it dry out completely before you allow your pets to roam around, which would be approximately 1-2 hours. Better yet, ask the pest control technician how long it will take for the chemicals to dry out completely. Then you can let your pets free.


Although the pesticides are not harmful to the pets but to be on the safe side, you could let your technician know that you have pets in Pest control in Kitchener. In this way, they will ensure that none of the products they use are dangerous for pets. Secondly, keep your pets in a safe, confined room where the treatment hasn’t taken place so that your pets don’t sniff when pesticides are applied indoors.

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