Why Does Toronto Have So Many Squirrels?

A host of wild animals call Toronto their home. Raccoons are undoubtedly abundant in Toronto, but it is squirrels who rule the wildlife scene. These little rodents may look amusing as they jump from tree to tree, but they can also cause havoc if left unchecked. At times, squirrels invade homes and cause damages; hence, people call for animal control in Toronto for their safe removal. There is a diverse population of squirrels in Toronto, including grey, black, white, and red ones. These squirrels populate Trinity – Bellwoods, whereas eastern grey squirrels are abundant in High Park. In this post, we shall tell you why Toronto has so many squirrels in it. Keep reading this post to find out: Why?

Grey and Black Squirrels in Toronto. What’s the Difference?

A grey squirrel refers to its colour. It does not change its colours, no matter what the season. Although, some animals in Toronto change their colours identified through their white and summer brown coats. Grey squirrels stay the same, and black symbolizes the black ones. Nevertheless, both grey and black squirrels fall in the category, eastern grey squirrels. Black squirrels look black owing to the natural phenomenon, adaptive melanism.

What about the White and Red Squirrels?

White squirrels are the famous squirrel species in Trinity Bellwoods Park. These squirrels look white because of the opposite phenomenon (albinism) to adaptive melanism. Red squirrels have bushy ears, short tails, and copper-coloured fur and look different than grey squirrels. Red squirrels are very territorial. Why are we saying that? We are saying that because a bunch of red squirrels never feed in groups like grey ones. These squirrels are either found alone or with a family group in a specific area in Toronto. To add to your knowledge, eastern grey squirrels are not like their red cousins.

How Many Squirrels Are There in Toronto?

There is no conclusive evidence of how many squirrels are roaming in Toronto, but there are too many. If you notice their high numbers in an area, you should consult the animal control service in Toronto to tackle the issue.

Why Do You See So Many Squirrels in Toronto?

Toronto is a popular city for squirrels to live in, similar to raccoons. Because of tons of grub in Toronto, squirrels get access to plenty of food supply. Consequently, they have larger litters and breed twice yearly. Therefore, you have to keep your snacks to yourself if you notice any squirrels around you. Otherwise, you will keep raising their population and inviting them for your home invasions. There is also another perception besides the abundance of squirrels in Toronto. Squirrels are active during the day, hibernate in the cold, and small areas in green spaces suit them in Toronto.


Squirrels rule the wildlife in Toronto. These rodents can invade your home at times in search of shelter. To remove them safely, you have to contact a pest control service, that is, an expert at animal control in Toronto. The diverse population of squirrels in Toronto includes the grey, black, white, and red ones. Grey and black squirrels are the same squirrel species, the eastern grey squirrel. White squirrels are white owing to albinism, whereas red squirrels are very territorial. Squirrels are abundant in Toronto because of the abundance of food supply. Nonetheless, some people believe squirrels have populated Toronto due to the perfect environment for their survival in green spaces.

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