Is Pest Control in Mississauga Safe For Pets?

A cute furry friend must have become a part of your family, and you want to make sure that your pets are safe whenever the pest control treatments happen at your house. When it’s about the safety of the pets, we know you take it very seriously. The safety of pets should be the utmost priority for all of us.

Usually, pest control treatment is safe for pets, but few animals are prone to risks. In this article, you’ll understand whether Pest control is pet-friendly and some tips to keep your pets safe.

Is Pest control pet-friendly?

The pest control professionals who use pesticides ensure that they select a harmless product and mix it in a ratio that kills the pests perfectly without hurting pets. In addition to that, pesticides have to be applied in a minimum concentration, generally less than 1 percent. You might be wondering if this concentration would kill the insects in your house? The answer is yes. This concentration is quite enough to kill the pests and has no risk to the pets’ health.

The pesticides that get sprayed on the surfaces are of such quality that they dry quickly. The residue remains on the surfaces, which helps kill the insects but has no effect on the pets if they come in contact with them.

Pets are such beautiful creatures that everyone loves them, even the pest control technicians. But, make sure you hire professional pest control technicians because they have the appropriate knowledge and experience regarding pest control and how to treat the house with no risks to the pets.

Tips to keep your Pets Safe

  • Whenever the pest control treatment happens, take your pets to a dry place that is not sprayed with pesticides. It would be acceptable to take them to your yard or to a place where the treatment is not happening for at least 2 hours.
  • Always tell the exterminator that you have pets at your home so that they follow the proper standards and operating procedures for the safety of the pets.
  • It isn’t easy to move the fish aquarium, especially if it is a large one. Covering it with a sheet would be enough to protect them.
  • Ensure that all the pets’ toys are kept in a sealed container to protect them from getting sprayed with pesticides.
  • The food bowls or trays in which you keep their food need to be placed where it doesn’t get sprayed.


Generally, you don’t have to worry much about the safety of the pets, but better safe than sorry. Let your exterminator know about it. They are experienced professionals and would let you know about all the risks and advice you must follow to keep your pets safe.

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