How Long Should Pest Control Last in Cambridge?

When you have pests at your home, and you would like to have a pest control treatment, then you must be wondering how long the treatment would last, right? And you are right to think about it. You spent a good amount of money calling professional pest control treatment technicians. Now you want to know how long you can go without the need for another treatment.

The answer to your question is that it depends on what type of pests you had. Generally, most of the pest control treatments done for typical insects like spiders, roaches, etc., would last for few months.

You might think that if you have done the treatment once, then your house will be free from pests for a lifetime. However, that’s not the case, unfortunately.

How long does termite treatment last? 

Termites are notorious for damaging the wood. This includes your infrastructure, furniture, and everything else made of wood. Unfortunately, it is a problem that is not noticeable at the start. Mostly, people do not get to know about this problem until it’s a big problem. The termites could cause more damage if they are not treated as soon as possible.

If you notice a termite in your house, you have to call the pest control treatment technicians to get it exterminated as early as possible. It would be best if you didn’t wait until the problem gets worse. The type of treatment decides how long the treatment would last. Generally, there are two types of treatment.

1-     Liquid Treatment: This type of treatment involves using a large amount of liquid pesticide. This treatment can last up to 5 years. However, there are chances that the termites could still return to the property. People don’t usually go with this option as it takes a long time.

2- Baiting Stations: This is a much better option than the liquid treatment as it is less invasive. When your technician arrives, ask them about this method. In this technique, baiting stations are installed inside and around your property. This method gets rid of the termites from their source. However, it is a long process because termites take months to find the baits.

How long does bed bug treatment last?

Although bed bugs do not carry diseases, they are famous for their bite. Unlike fleas, which usually bite at the lower body, bed bugs bite on any person’s exposed skin. That is why they are a much bigger nuisance than fleas.

Luckily, the treatment of a bed bug lasts forever. First, though, the source of the infestation needs to be found and treated. Bed bugs can come into your house by hitchhiking humans or pets.


We know you want a solution to apply once and be rid of the bugs and insects for a lifetime. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case.

The time it takes for the pest control treatment to last differs from pests to pests. That’s why you must consider getting your house evaluated quarterly by professional pest control technicians to see if there is any sign of pests.

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