Here is How To Prevent Squirrels and Groundhogs from Digging Up Your Yard in Kitchener

Yards are one of the places where critters like to play and look for food. Unfortunately, this can mean that your carefully manicured lawn or garden can become a victim of their digging. Further, squirrels and groundhogs are pests that can likely infest and dig up your yard. In addition, these rodents dig holes in the yard to store their food and dig large holes to create a shelter. Nonetheless, you can keep these rodents away from your yard if you take pest control in Kitchener seriously.

Moreover, we are going to share with you some solutions to keep squirrels and groundhogs at bay from your property. It is because we really care about people in Kitchener as an esteemed pest control service. Besides, it is imperative that you identify the cause of the problem first before implementing our pest control solutions. Otherwise, you cannot succeed in eliminating the rodent problem from your yard for good. Not to mention, always count on an esteemed pest control service for the permanent elimination of pest problem from your yard.

Indication of a problem:

There are a few important things you can look for that will indicate whether or not you have a squirrel or groundhog problem. These include:

– Damage to your lawn, garden, or plants

– Holes in your yard

– Burrows under decks or porches

– Nests in trees or attics

If you see any of the above-mentioned signs, it’s time to take action to prevent further damage. You may also want to read why you should Quit The DIY Pest Prevention Methods For Good in Kitchener.

Prevention For Infestation

It is imperative that you act proactively against a groundhog or squirrel infestation in your yard. Taking precautionary measures against squirrels and groundhogs earlier can help you avert a rodent infestation in your yard. It can involve many aspects of your property, from the type of fencing you have to what kind of food you put out for your pets.

The given list below is just a few ideas of what you can do to keep these pests away:


Build a fence enclosing your yard to deter rodents from infesting it. Moreover, install a fence, that is, at least thirty inches tall and eight to twelve inches below your yard’s ground. Nevertheless, building a fence all over your yard will take some time as well as a considerable amount of money. Still, it is a long-term investment that you will make to deter squirrels and groundhogs from invading your yard. In addition, deem utilizing a wire mesh or chicken wire at the bottom of your fence to deter squirrels and groundhogs from burrowing.

A Mock Food Source

You can try to deter pests by making it look like food is already in your yard. You can do it by scattering fake food around the perimeter of your property. The smell of the fake food will keep them away, and they will eventually give up trying to get to the real food.

It is a temporary measure, though, as your real yard will still be vulnerable to their digging.

Keeping Yard Clean

Another way to prevent squirrels and groundhogs from digging up your yard is to keep it extra clean. It means removing any food sources that might attract them. This includes things like fallen fruit, nuts, and seeds. It’s also important to keep your garbage cans tight, so they can’t get into them.

What To Do If Your Yard is Compromised?

The best way to clean your yard is to hire a professional pest control company in Kitchener. Pesticon has the experience and knowledge to eliminate any critters that might be causing problems in your yard. Contact us today to learn more about our services like residential pest control and home protection plan for people who wants year-long protection.

Our Guarantee

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