Are Mothballs Effective Against Kitchener Pests?

Mothballs are a traditional pest control product that has been around for nearly a couple of centuries. In addition to destroying moths and their larvae, mothballs are also claimed to eliminate bed bugs, carpet beetles, and various other pests. We examine exactly how effective mothballs are for pest control in Kitchener and some signs that it might be time to change pest control methods.

You probably have moths in your home if you start noticing small holes in your clothing. The larvae of moths and their pupae have a very specific diet, and they prefer to eat fabrics including wool and cotton. Chemical genius John Kidd developed a unique chemical compound known as naphthalene many years ago, the primary ingredient in mothballs. Traditionally, mothballs were nothing more than cotton balls soaked in naphthalene, but many companies now use smaller traps made of plastic that are very easy to stash in closets.

Are Mothballs Effective in Kitchener?

Even though mothballs in Kitchener can be highly effective in some situations, you might not want to keep them around the house. Chemicals that are added to mothballs can have extremely toxic effects, and for this reason, the CEPA now requires warning labels on naphthalene-containing products. In time, mothballs will emit naphthalene vapours, which can be harmful to your pets as well as your family. However, mothballs are not effective at repelling the majority of pests. If you put a few mothballs in your room, you might get rid of moths and their larvae, but you won’t keep out bed bugs, rats, mice, spiders, or ants.

Despite moths being very troublesome, there are a few natural ways to get rid of them. You can use cedar chips to keep moths out of your wardrobe, as many people make closets and dressers out of this type of wood since it repels insects. Additionally, some homeowners use lavender and lemongrass to repel pests. However, these products won’t work for pest control in Kitchener for all kinds of bugs and rodents. An exterminator with experience will be able to help you develop a long-term pest control plan.

Right Way To Use MothBalls 

When you think about using mothballs, try to use an airtight container because the exposure of mothballs is a risk for pets and the person interacting with them. If you want to use mothballs in an open area, using an airtight container is unnecessary. Mothballs release gas in the environment that repels the pests near them. If you smell the odour, you are inhaling the pesticide. 

Exposure to mothballs can lead to several medical conditions such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and eye and nose irritation. Longer-term exposures can cause more serious damage, such as liver and kidney damage. Mothballs are sometimes used to repel animals, like dogs and others. If you have an animal sneaking inside your property, consider animal control specialist assistance. Make sure you read the instruction on the backside of the packaging when you buy them from any shop. 

Final Words

Dealing with moth infestation can be frustrating. This is why you should consider help from a professional pest control company. They have experience in treating moth invasions and other pest invasions. If you consider calling them, rest assured that they will use the proper strategy and product for long-term results. If you have any queries regarding your pest problem, you can contact us for pest control in Kitchener, and we would be happy to assist you.

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