Harsh Weather And Pests: What You Need To Know

Extreme weather can have a devastating effect on the world around us. From property loss to disrupting daily operations; extreme conditions bring about new pest problems or strengthen ones already present before they arrived, such as hurricanes which tend not only to wipe out wealth but also create fear among residents who are left wondering what else might happen when cleanup begins after this happens. A moment’s notice and everything you know will change—your home with it!

Moreover, these conditions can also lead to increased contact and spread diseases and pests. Today we brought you a guide on what you need to know about harsh weather and pests!

This guide will help you understand which pests are most likely to appear after extreme weather events. You’ll also come away prepared for potential disasters, whether a flood or hurricane!

Pest Treatments after a Tornado

When a tornado has blown through, it’s time to assess and clean up the damage. Here are some practical ways you can help protect your property from any pests that may enter an area with high-speed winds!

Awnings, eavesdroppers, and downspouts gutters often blow off buildings during these disasters, so make sure they’re replaced or repaired immediately. This will ensure that the people inside are impacted the least. You can also use new material roofs instead, if possible.

Waste management services are unable to reach your building? Make sure you have a plan for waste disposal that moves it away from structures and helps minimize pest activity crossing over from trash piles into other on-site areas. You could quickly start attracting flies and rodents.

Pest Treatments after Hurricanes

High-speed winds, torrential rain and storm surges make hurricanes perfect storms for pests. The following are a few tips to help protect your business and home from the pesky insects that will infest buildings after such an event has passed:

Flat roofs and ventilation screens can be vulnerable in these conditions; inspect them immediately if damage occurs so as not to give pest access points like entry holes or crevices where they may live out disease outbreaks unnoticed by employees until it’s too late! You should also check production line equipment – especially those containing water-for any signs.

Repairing Bay Doors and DoorSweeps is crucial to keeping larger pests like snakes out. Standing water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so check your flat roofs (or any other exposed areas) that receive significant rainfall!

How Pest Control Can Help

There are many pest control companies in Canada, but not everyone provides quality services like Pesticon. Pesticon is a leading provider of pest control solutions for both commercial and residential pest control solutions.

Pesticon has highly trained and experienced professionals who are experts in dealing with all kinds of pests, including those most likely to appear after extreme weather events.

After harsh weather, if you think your pest situation is out of control, don’t hesitate to contact Pesticon. We will be happy to provide you with a consultation!

Our Guarantee

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