Is It Necessary to Clean the House After Pest Control?

You may wonder if you need to clean the house after pest control. The answer is – it depends. Pest control experts often clean the house after managing pest control on it. This is because they want to eliminate any possible habitats that pests could use to survive and thrive. Your home is now free of pesky rodents and creepy crawlies since the exterminator left. Cleaning the house after pest treatment is now your next primary duty. Immediately following fumigation, routine household cleaning procedures may alter somewhat. You might require additional cleaning supplies and take other safety measures.

What Should You Do After Pest Control?

After your pest control treatment, it is essential to clean your house thoroughly. This will remove any traces of the pests that have been killed and help prevent them from returning.

You should:

  • Wash all of your bedding and towels in hot water
  • Vacuum your floors and furniture, mainly where the pests were found
  • Wipe down all surfaces with a disinfectant
  • Remove any food or water sources that may be attracting the pests

Why Should You Clean The House After Pest Control?

If pest control experts deploy a chemical treatment to exterminate pests from your house, you have to thoroughly clean it. It is because chemicals can prove hazardous to humans and pets if they come in contact with them. However, you may not necessarily need to clean your house when experts use non-chemical pest treatments. Traps and heat, to name a few non-chemical pest treatments. Still, it is best to vacuum your house plus sweep any droppings or debris, which pests might have left behind. Cleaning your house after pest treatments is optional, yet it is a good idea to do it. Please remember, dirty environments attract pests; therefore, keeping your house clean will certainly help you keep pests at bay.

How Can Chemical Treatments Prove Harmful to You and Your Family?

Pest control technicians may need to use chemicals to kill pests or insects on your property. Moreover, mishandling chemicals for pest control can prove harmful to you and your family. More often than not, professionals use insecticides to kill insects after destructing their nervous system. When humans inhale the same insecticides, it can impact their health. For example, you can suffer health problems, like headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc., after inhaling insecticides. By the same token, it is imperative you engage in house cleaning immediately following pest control on it.


You may not necessarily need to clean your house after pest control treatments. Besides, pest control experts often clean the house after managing pest control on a property. Additionally, you may not need to clean your house after non-chemical pest treatments. Still, it is best that you clean your house, irrespective of the pest treatments professionals implement. Additionally, you must clean your house after chemical treatments because exposure to insecticides is harmful to your health alongside pets. You can catch headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc., if you do not clean your house after a chemical treatment. Last but not least, it is always a good idea to engage in house cleaning following a pest treatment.

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