What Are Some Health Threats That Pests Pose in Toronto?

Pests are not just a threat to properties in Toronto, embracing homes and workplaces. They are also a threat to the health of humans and pets alike. Further, pests that pose a threat to the structure of a building may carry health threats, too. For example, rodents are pests that cannot only cause damage to your property but also transmit deadly diseases. Moreover, pest control in Toronto against pests is important for homeowners and business owners simultaneously.

Additionally, comprehending the health risks that pests carry with them is imperative for people in Toronto. Roaches, rodents, fleas, etc., that you may find in and around your residential or commercial spaces are common pests. Furthermore, you may not be aware of the health threats that common pests carry for you, your family, and your pets. We are going to share with you in detail the health risks that specific pests pose in Toronto.

Health Risks That Specific Pests Carry

Cockroaches (Roaches):

Cockroaches are pests that infest buildings in Toronto in search of food and water, identical to many other pests. Moreover, it is not necessary for roaches to infest your home in Toronto if it is dirty. Roaches can enter your property via cracks and crevices on your property, plus openings around your doors or windows. Nevertheless, you can keep these pests at bay if you seal up gaps on your property and properly store your food. Most importantly, maintaining good hygiene on your property will certainly help you evade roaches.

Furthermore, roaches not only shed their body parts but also release feces and saliva once they infest a property. Moreover, such filthiness of roaches can lead people to suffer from asthma and allergies. Additionally, allergies from roaches can trigger long-lasting chronic symptoms, too. Rashing, wheezing, and sinus infection, to name some of them. 

Further, roaches are typically active at night as nocturnal creatures, which contaminate cooking utensils and food. Contamination that roaches are responsible for lead people to suffer food poisoning and other illness.    


Ants are also common pests to find in your home. Similar to roaches, ants also contaminate food as carriers of bacteria. Eating ant-contaminated food can lead you to catch food-borne diseases. Besides, some ants are also a threat to your property besides your health. For instance, carpenter ants chew through wooden structures on your property to make their nests. However, they do not feed on wood, unlike termites.   


Rodents, embracing rats and mice, can enter your property with the aid of small gaps if it has it. Besides, mice can easily enter a property via openings, which measures equal to the size of a dime. Additionally, you may notice droppings that mice may leave in specific areas on your property. Floor cracks and the house’s back walls, to name a few.

Rodents also contaminate food alongside food preparation areas via their droppings, hair, and saliva. Moreover, rodents also serve as a perfect host for other pests, like ticks and fleas. Additionally, some of the diseases that rats and mice can transfer to humans and pets are Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, and Plague.


Flea bites are not just exasperating but also tickly. Rubbing your skin against flea bites can make you fall victim to apparent wounds and infection as an aftermath. Further, fleas are not simple to exterminate from a property for an inexpert. Fleas carry various health risks for humans and pets, which include typhus, tapeworms, and plague. If fleas invade your home in Toronto, you should give an esteemed pest control company a call for their permanent eradication from your property.

Stinging Insects:

Stinging insects after stinging humans send more than 0.5 million people to emergency care year-round. Plus, people with allergies are at a greater risk when stinging insects bite them. Stinging insects, like wasps, may have a colony of thousands of wasps that can sting humans and pets if threatened. Moreover, Yellowjackets can sting multiple times if evoked and chase the target to a long distance.

Final Words

Pest control in Toronto is imperative for people because pests are not only a peril to properties but also to your health alongside your children’s and family’s  health, in addition to your pets. To finish, the following is a list of specific pests that carry health threats for humans and pets simultaneously:

  1. Roaches
  2. Ants
  3. Rodents
  4. Fleas
  5. Stinging Insects

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