Use These Rodent Protection Techniques to Safeguard your Wiring

Is there something living inside your walls? Have you ever heard crawling noises from the walls? Do you know what that could be? It could be a rodent in your house! You might be thinking about how a rodent got access inside your house? Don’t worry. We will relieve you from this thought and help you find the loophole you left that led them inside. Use these rodent protection techniques to safeguard your wiring and much more.

Rodents do not enter your house because of poor sanitization or hygiene. They sneak through holes and cracks that you left unattended. Their survival instinct led them to these holes and cracks from where they squeezed inside without your knowledge. And the interesting part is that food is not the only thing they feed on. Your house wiring cables can also be a source of food.

Reasons for Rodents Chewing Electrical Wire

Chewing electrical wires is one of the most natural things you can expect from any rodent. Chewing is their favourite hobby, and unlike humans, their teeth do not stop from growing. They feel the need to chew things to granulate their teeth. It is the same as when we cut our nails. We cut our nails to prevent them from growing, and if we don’t cut them, we may beat the Woman with the world’s longest nails, but we both know we are not doing that.

The shape of wires are one aspect that attracts rodent to chew them, the wires are round, and it helps them grind their teeth easier. Rodent teeth help them build their small homes, and they need to sharpen their teeth, and chewing wires is one way to do it. You may be surprised to hear that they don’t only like to chew house wiring, your car wirings are also their favourite.

Signs of Rodents Chewing Wires

Some obvious signs can help you identify if you have a rodent infestation of not:

  • You see bite marks on wires and cables
  • A scratching sound comes from behind the wall
  • You see their nest and droppings
  • The wires of a car have been eaten by mice or chewed by rats directly.
  • House or microwave lights flickering
  • Circuits tripping
  • Failing appliances
  • Electronic devices malfunctioning frequently

Dangers of Rodents Chewing Wires

Chewed wires are pretty dangerous, not only for your house but also for you and your family. These chewed wires can be responsible for unknown incidents around your house, like an electric failure or frequent malfunctioning. You would be surprised to hear that rodents chewing wires is one of the greatest reasons for houses catching fires. It is not a matter that you should take lightly – starting from today can be a wise decision. If you cannot identify the problem yourself, calling a rodent control specialist can help you. Remember that rodents can produce hundreds of kids within a small time frame, so act quickly.

How to Prevent Rodents from Chewing Wires

  • Seal The Entry Points
  • Elimination
  • Covering The Wiring
  • Call a professional electrician to check and evaluate
  • Trim the trees near your house
  • Keep visiting every corner of your house regularly

Contact us if you feel that your rodent infestation is out of your hand, and within a reasonable time frame, we will be at your service.

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