9 Interesting Facts About Brampton’s Rodents

Rodents are a nuisance and can cause loads of trouble for you. They mainly infest properties in the winter when they are looking for food and shelter. However, house mice remain active throughout the year and can invade your property in the other seasons as well. If rodents infest your home or business place, you should immediately call a pest control service; otherwise, things can become ugly. In this post, we will discuss nine fascinating facts about rodents with you.

3 Interesting Facts about Mice

Fact #1:

The mice can squeeze through gaps as small as 6mm. They flatten their bodies and pass through the openings, which are about the size of a pencil. Therefore, you must search for any gaps and holes on your property and cover them using steel wool.

Fact #2:

The mice can see in dim light owing to their other senses; however, the truth remains the same; their eyesight is weak. Therefore, you will find these pests usually active at night. If you want to get them exterminated permanently, you should consult pest control experts for mice control in Brampton and beyond.

Fact #3:

The mice are not just fascinating jumpers and climbers; they can even travel adjacent to walls and along edges. For the same reason, wall interiors are one of their favourite hideouts.

3 Interesting Facts about Rats

Fact #1:

The rats are nocturnal creatures and often live underground. They usually remain out of our sight owing to this fact.

Fact #2:

Rats have very sharp teeth that keep on growing. Rats can damage electrical wires by consistently chewing on them and can cause power outages, among other things.

Fact #3:

A single rat is responsible for leaving 25,000 droppings in a year. If you somehow eat food contaminated with rat droppings, you can fall victim to different diseases and viruses.

3 Interesting Facts about Squirrel

Fact #1:

Squirrels have multi-purpose tails. For instance, Eastern Grey Squirrel bushy tails help them balance themselves while jumping from one tree branch to another. Squirrels’ tails also keep them warm in the winter or signal their moods to other squirrels.

Fact #2:

Squirrels never resist eating as they are fond of eating. For example, chipmunks and ground squirrels have pouches in their cheeks to carry food that they either store or consume.

Fact #3:

Squirrels are hilarious creatures; for the same reason, they have been the subject for photography, especially among Canadians. It is owing to their curious nature and the acrobatics they do. Nevertheless, squirrels can invade your attics while searching for shelter in the winter.


These are interesting facts about mice, rats, and squirrels; still, these facts do not symbolize that rodents are harmless. They tell us all about rodents and the damage they can cause to our healths, lives, and properties. If you see any of these rodents on your property, you should immediately consult pest control professionals for their extermination.

Waheed Ahmed, CEO of Pesticon Pest Control

Written by: Waheed Ahmed Founder & CEO, Pesticon Pest Control

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