What Is Rodent Season And How Long Does It Last?

Rodents are one of the most annoying pests for homeowners as well as others. They can spread infectious diseases and are a danger to your food supplies and property. You will find rodents infesting your property in Vancouver when the weather is cool. It is the time of the year when they start searching for food and shelter. It is also the time of the year when it seems they won’t breed. Usually, a mouse can reproduce around 60 babies and rats up to 24. You can never underestimate the importance of rodent control in Vancouver.

Why Do Rodents Start Looking for Warm Spots in the Winter?

Once the winter arrives, mice and rats start searching for warmer spots to survive. Unfortunately, they start invading homes in Vancouver for this reason too. Although all mice are not known for carrying diseases, most of them do. They are unhygienic creatures, and you need to make sure your home is clean, so they are not attracted.

When Does Rodent Season Start and When Does It End?

Rodent infestation occurs based on the region where you live in the world as different parts of the world experience climatic changes at different times in a year. Typically, when the weather turns cold, anywhere from mid-October to February or March in Vancouver, rodents will very likely invade your home in search of food and shelter to survive. You will be glad to know that rodents move outside of one’s property when the temperature starts to get warmer again. Home mice, in particular, are active throughout the year; hence, you cannot say that you will be trouble-free from rodent infestation in the warmer months. It can be said that the rodent season begins in the winter and ends in the summer, based on the nature of rodents, mainly rats and mice.

How Can You Detect Rodent’s Presence in Your Home in a Rodent Season?

If you see faecal droppings, gnaw marks, chewed wires, or small holes in your home, it is very likely you have been invaded. To get rid of the rodent infestation, you can either try to remove rodents on your own or contact a reliable pest control expert for rodent control in Vancouver.

A Few Precautions Can Help You with Rodent Control in the Rodent Season:-

  • You can stow your food in airtight containers to keep the rodents away.
  • You can seal any cracks and holes you might find in your home to block rodents from gaining access to any food on your property.
  • You can utilize a repellent to keep them away.


Rodents are disliked by homeowners and business owners in Vancouver owing to the damage they can cause. They pass on harmful diseases to your family and pets and cause mayhem and destruction. Winter is their ideal time to infest homes in Vancouver. You can exterminate rodents from your property permanently if you consult a reliable pest control service. To some extent, DIY methods might help, but a professional rodent control service will never disappoint you.

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