Bugs That Aren’t Worth Worrying About in Mississauga

As per scientists, 925,000 species of insects have been discovered in the world to date. Certainly, it is a huge number, and many of those bugs are harmful, too. However, there are also bugs that people do not need to worry about in Mississauga. Put differently, some bugs are not a threat to your property, family, and your health, and we shall tell you: Why? Prior to telling you about those bugs, we shall name the bugs you need to worry about in Mississauga.

Bugs to Perturb about in Mississauga  

There are lots of pesky insects in Mississauga, which you need to control to ensure your and your property’s safety. Here are the insects (bugs) you cannot take lightly, as they are a threat to your property and the health of your family and pets alongside you:

  • Ants
  • Moths
  • Spiders
  • Bed bugs
  • Roaches
  • Hornets
  • Yellow Jackets 

You should get in touch with a pest control service if these insects or bugs infest your property. Besides, any reputable pest control service will use 100% non-toxic and environment-friendly solutions for pest control.

Bugs Not to Worry about in Mississauga

Here are the bugs you do not need to worry about in Mississauga:


Ladybugs can possibly cause harm to your home if they infest it. However, ladybugs are pests, which are more on the positive side. The presence of ladybugs in your outdoor space is a good sign because they naturally exterminate pests. Ladybugs eat plant-eating insects, like fruit flies, mites, thrips, etc. Some ladybugs can eat up to 5000 aphids throughout their life. Further, ladybugs are not a threat to your home, your pets, and your family. Ladybugs are unquestionably good pests for our ecosystem.

Honey Bees:

Honey bees do possess the ability to cause some mild harm to you and your family. Nevertheless, they are the most beneficial member of the animal kingdom, as honey bees pollinate flowers and crops. Moreover, honey bees turn nectar and pollen into a tasty and sweet product, “nutritious honey.” It also makes them the only insects to produce food that humans eat. Still, it does not mean you should not worry about honey bees’ relative pests, like wasps and hornets. Moreover, you can easily differentiate between wasps and honey bees, as the former is aggressive, and the latter appears furry.


Earwigs have large pincers, which make these pests (bugs) look scary. Luckily, they are not poisonous and do not sting humans or pets. Earwigs eat dead bugs, in addition to dead and decaying plant matter, to contribute to the ecosystem.   

Praying Mantis:

Praying Mantis can grow up to 6 inches in length, and they are, in fact, beneficial pests in gardens. Gardeners buy these pests to release in their gardens for garden pest control. For the same reason, gardening stores keep these pests in stock during the gardening season, in particular. Praying mantis will feed on almost every bug, ranging from flies to beetles and moths. These little predators can also rotate their heads 180 degrees.


Butterflies are not only adorable creatures but also environment-friendly pests. Butterflies pollinate flowers and eat other insects in gardens to benefit gardens and the environment together. Many butterfly species are endangered and have regulations thwarting them.  

Green Lacewings:

Green Lacewings or stink flies are valuable bugs, too. Adult green lacewings eat pollen but do not eat bugs, but their offspring do feed on aphids. Besides, the Green Lacewing larvae eat aphids and pests like spiders, mites, thrips, etc. Similar to Praying Mantis, you can buy Green Lacewings from gardening stores for pest control in your garden. Green Lacewings do not harm, but they can emit a mildly unsettling odour when they sense any danger.


Dragonflies are one of the most beneficial insects for the ecosystem. These bugs kill insects; furthermore, they enjoy eating flying insects, such as mosquitoes. Dragonflies can do a better job of mosquito control even if you are confident in your fly-swatting ability. Dragonflies also have another name for the same reason, “Mosquito Hawks.” Dragonflies can rarely bite, and they usually fly away when threatened. Further, the bites from dragonflies are not going to hurt you to last a long time.

Final Words

Here is a list of pests you do not have to perturb about in Mississauga:

  1. Ladybugs
  2. Honey Bees
  3. Earwigs
  4. PrayingMantis
  5. Butterflies
  6. Green Lacewings
  7. Dragonflies

Moreover, if pests, like ants, roaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs etc., have infested your property in Mississauga, you can contact Pesticon today for pest control.

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