5 Tips to Protect Your Car from Rodent Damage

The temperatures are starting to drop throughout the GTA (Great Toronto Area), and it means the time has come for the rodents to look for shelter and stay warm. The homeowners may notice an unusual rodent activity in the winter; that is, the rodents beginning to squeeze into the vehicles to keep warm. You may consider that it’s not a big deal for you; nevertheless, the rodents, including the mice, rats, and squirrels, maybe causing costly damage to your vehicles.

First Thing First: Why Are Rodents Chewing Your Car Wires?

In the first place, once the rodents get access to your vehicle, they get protected from the wind, rain, and the cold. Furthermore, they also make the most of plant-based coating covering the wires of your vehicle. The coating is a delicious deal for rodents, causing them to chew through your car wires. This rodents’ behavior put the cars’ drivers at risk, costing them hundreds of Canadian dollars on repairs.

5 Tips to Prevent Rodents from Getting into Your Car:

The following five tips can be very handy for you if you don’t want rodents to damage your car:

  1. Prevent the Garage Access: Not everyone can park their car in a garage overnight, but if you do, it can give you the benefit of keeping the pests out. Don’t forget that the mice can squeeze in through the cracks as broader as a human finger, so search out the access points in your garage and block them. You can also use your garage to place traps for the pests. Eventually, if you have pets, such as dogs and cats, let them search for the mice and rats where you park your car.
  2. Leave the Hood Open: The car’s engine compartment is a perfect shelter for rodents. Why? They prefer to stay warm and dry in enclosed spaces. The engine’s residual heat can attract the local rodents once your park your car and head inside your home. If you open your car hood, it will take away the shelter for rodents so that they may move towards a more desirable location. You may be thinking that if you open the hood, it will make it convenient for the pests to get inside; anyways, they usually get in through the vehicle’s bottom. Opening the hood will also help you let in light and allow the engine’s heat to disperse faster.
  3. Cover the Entrances with Copper Mesh: The humanity has been combating with the rodents for centuries; today, we know what they like and dislike. The mice and rats will always refuse to chew on copper. The rodents tend to get inside homeowners’ cars through small openings, such as air intakes and the evaporator drain tube. You should consult a technician to cover these entrances with the aid of copper mesh. If you did that, the mesh would continuously allow the air flowing into intake and condensation to drip down the drain tubes, blocking the rats and mice to get inside simultaneously. It would be best if you covered the most apparent entrances like these for your car to make it impossible for the rodents to get inside your vehicle.
  4. Use Peppermint Oil: In the marketplace, you may find various products to deter pests; however, all of those pesticides are not health-friendly for you. We suggest you use peppermint oil, as it has no side-effects for humans. The rodents, including the rats and mice, don’t like the powerful and minty peppermint oil scent. You should spread this oil around your car, under the hood, and in the interior to discourage rodents from making your car shelter for themselves.
  5. Remove the Trash and Debris: Yes, the rodents can enter your car’s engine compartment and cause damage looking for the nesting materials or something to feed on. Often, they get enticed by something else. So make sure that you don’t leave food wrappers and food cups in your car, as they have a pleasing odour to attract a rat or a mouse. Also, make sure the area where you park your car also remains clean. If you don’t do this, the rodents will like taking an interest in your vehicle more than often.

Are you’re facing a rodent issue around your car, then your home is also at risk of rodent infestation? If you are in such a situation, you should call the pest control team to come to your home to do an inspection and come up with the right solution for you so that you can protect your car and family from a continuous infestation of the rodents.

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