What Should You Know Before Trying To Catch A Rat?

There are several physical differences between a mouse and a rat, but the main difference is aggressiveness. Even mice are afraid of the rats and their aggression. Rats are specifically larger than mice and more aggressive. Now the real danger comes when this aggression is coupled with intelligence. Rats are highly intelligent rodents. They learn quickly and can take the necessary measures according to the situation. This is, therefore, critical to understanding the patterns and eating habits of these rats before you try to trap them. The best thing for you to do is hire a professional pest control service, but if you want to do it yourself, here’s what you need to know.

Rat Traps

The first thing that comes to mind is a rat trap. But do they work? The effectiveness of a rat trap depends on how you use it. Humans have used rat traps for a very long time. And rats have come to know and understand these traps. It means it’s not that simple to trap a rat with just an ordinary rat trap. Read on to find out the best possible way of using these traps.

1.   Optimum Placement Of The Trap

Placing your traps in the areas where rats don’t roam around will be a waste of time and energy. You need to know the ideal points for that. The optimum placement of the rat traps can be done by placing them along the walls. Rodents usually run alongside the walls and avoid roaming around in the open areas. You can also put these traps inside a shoebox with holes in it. This will make the rat curious, and it will go inside only to be trapped.

2.   Earn The Trust Of Rats

That may sound a bit odd, but you need to gain their trust before you can have them trapped. As discussed earlier, rats are pretty intelligent. They can quickly identify any ambiguous object in their field. So, a trap will be something that they will try to avoid. And if that trap starts to work right from the time you set it, you will be catching no more than one rat. The best way to go about it is to leave the trap un-set with food on it. Let the rats feed on these traps without causing them any harm. Once they know there is nothing to be afraid of, Set the trap.

3.   Strong Smells Attract The Rats

if you are willing to catch a rat, you will need to load your traps or the bait stations with foods that have strong smells. Smells are among the things that attract rats. Just like Jerry can never resist the smell of cheese in Tom and Jerry Show, it is accurate. Peanut butter is also irresistible for rats. But if those brown rats surround you, your best bet is to lure them with some meat. Because brown rats are omnivorous and will never leave a chance to let any meat go.

Things To Remember

Whether or not you are after catching the rats using DIY techniques, you should always consider contacting a professional pest control service. That way, you can avoid all the hassle and get rid of the rats quite efficiently. One more advantage of contacting a professional rat control service is they always clean up after the extermination and disinfect your property very well.

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