How To Keep Rodents Away From Your House in Brampton?

Rodents are not just notorious for destroying your property, they also spread several diseases across your home or business in Brampton. Many homeowners and business professionals have complained about rodents being one of their primary concerns. No matter how much they try, rodents still find their way into their properties. You might not be surprised to know that rodents are responsible for spreading up to thirty-five diseases. Humans can get those diseases if they contact rodent feces, urine, saliva or even their bites. The number of people affected by rodent-borne diseases is increasing in Brampton. If you want your home and office to remain safe from rodents, take action today by calling one of the most trusted pest control services in Brampton. We will help you make sure your home and office remain pest-free. We have the most professional rodent control protection in Brampton.

Ways To Keep Rodents Away From Your House

Here are some ways that can help you keep rodents at bay.

Filling The Cracks And Holes

Filling all the cracks and holes around your property in Brampton is the safest, most common way to keep them at bay. To do that, all you have to do is locate all cracks and holes by doing a thorough survey of your house or office. Make sure to look inside and outside. Once found, fill all of them with proper material because rodents are usually small in size, making it easy for them to sneak into your property without you knowing.

Have a Cat

Having a cat can be challenging for some people. But if you managed to have one, you can be assured that rodents will never try to sneak inside once they feel the presence of a cat. A cat will help you keep them at bay by chasing them or killing them instantly. Your cat will help you identify if any rodent is already inside your property.

Use of Poison

You have to be careful when it comes to the usage of poison. Especially if you have children or pets at home. Carefully mix rodent poison with any leftover pieces of food. Place them around your house where you think rodents are living. You can use a box; it will help you keep your pets safe, like a cat or dog. But to be on the safe side, using traps for rodents will ensure you that only rodents are vulnerable around your property.


You should be able to eradicate rodents from your property by following all the ways mentioned above. If you think you have other ways to get rid of them, feel free to apply those methods. If you feel you don’t have the time and energy to handle your pest problem, contacting a rodent control service in Brampton is an excellent solution.

If you still have any queries regarding rodents or any pest problem around your house. Contact us today, and we will be more than happy to assist you according to your situation.

Waheed Ahmed, CEO of Pesticon Pest Control

Written by: Waheed Ahmed Founder & CEO, Pesticon Pest Control

For over 18 years, Waheed has provided customers with the best pest control services in the Greater Toronto Area. The longevity of Pesticon is due to his philosophy of genuinely caring for his customers and putting them first. It's this kind of passion that has won him the HomeStars Award over 9 years in a row. 

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