How Do You Make A Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder in Mississauga?

Squirrels are cute, and they are fun to watch when they do their aerobatic manoeuvres. However, they can wreak havoc on your gardens, and especially the bird feeders!

Squirrels love to go near the bird feeders and find different ways to eat from them. Squirrels are smart enough to get those bird seeds with just a bit of struggle. You might have tried many different techniques to keep these mischievous animals away from the bird feeder, but they somehow find their way again to the bird feeder. Keeping them away from the bird feeders seems almost impossible.

You see the bushy tail roaming around the bird feeder whenever you look outside the window. Now, you are looking for the best squirrel-proof bird feeder to get rid of them. Right?

There are many different types of bird feeders available in the market. However, you can also create an amazing bird feeder by yourself. This would be very effective for keeping the squirrels away. Of course, sometimes, that is not enough, especially if the infestation has grown. Then you will need the help of a suitable animal control company to remove the squirrels from your property.

Read along to find out how you can create a Squirrel-proof bird feeder by yourself.

Homemade squirrel baffle

Firstly, you have to purchase a large stainless-steel bowl which has to be at least 18” in diameter. It would be better if the bowl is deeper as the squirrels would have difficulty getting in from the bottom. Now, you have to make the cuts using the cutting blades or the jigsaw. Make sure you cut the tip of the bowl, or else squirrels could grab onto it when climbing around it. After that, the center of the bowl has to be cut according to the size of the feeder. That means the cut in the middle has to be the same size as your feeder. Cut one side of the bowl to the center for the installation purpose. However, if you can disassemble it without the need for a cut, you shouldn’t cut it. Now, drill the holes on either side of the cut to line up when you place the baffle around the post. Finally, with the help of the L-brackets and bolts, attach the baffle and use the pop rivets or screws to cinch the bowl together.

If you do this and contact an animal control company in Mississauga or anywhere else, it’ll increase your chances of eliminating squirrels from your area.

Choosing the right bird feeder

There are few things that you need to consider when you are going to purchase the bird feeder.

1- Size/Capacity: Bird feeders come in different sizes, and the capacity to hold the amount of food varies from each other. If you buy a small one, you have to keep in mind that you need to refill it repeatedly.

2- Material: Squirrel-proof bird feeders can be made from every material. However, it wouldn’t be made from wood, as the squirrel’s front teeth are sharp enough to gnaw at the wood. One of the common materials a feeder could be made of is metal.


We will be honest with you that it is nearly impossible to keep squirrels away from your bird feeders. Squirrels are attracted to those delicious seeds in the bird feeders, and they will always find out some crafty way to get in there. However, the squirrel baffle we have described above is an excellent way to ensure that they don’t reach the bird feeders.

If you are struggling to get rid of these mischievous squirrels, you can contact animal control Mississauga to get the pest control treatment done.


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