What Do Animal Control Officers Actually Do?

Animal control officers are the ones who enforce the animal licensing laws and make sure that public safety Is not compromised. Sometimes it can be a very tough job; on the other hand, it is rewarding.

They are the people who look after the abused, abandoned, or lost pets, among other things.

It is a tremendous job for those who love animals because they have to handle different animals. The federal government typically employs animal control officers.

Their seniority level can increase from the entry-level position to a senior animal control officer or a Coordinator.

How do Animal control officers work in Toronto?

Animal control officers operate in shelters, monitor public places, and respond to service calls. Animal control officers are concerned about the animals that are not treated well, and that’s why they are responsible for investigating the case of those animals treated with cruelty.

They have to ensure that all laws are being enforced related to the animals, e.g., licensing laws applicable to animal control Toronto.

They also help the animals which are abandoned, and no one is looking after them. They investigate those being mistreated and help rescue an animal in danger. Whenever there is an emergency call for any animal-related event, they have to respond to it as early as possible. If the animal has been injured or got into an accident, they will immediately take them to the veterinarian.

People usually call the animal control officers when they observe a stray dog near their property, and they want to make sure that it gets proper treatment. Animal control officers are equipped with nets, ropes, etc. They not only have to take care of domestic pets but also wild animals. That’s why they carry the proper gear with them all the time. Wild animals can become unruly and even dangerous. They could bite a person or more.

Once the animal control officer captures an animal, they put them in their truck. The animal then goes to a shelter, a hospital, or any other location based on its condition. Animal control officers have to be gentle and caring as the captured animals are sometimes confused and scared. They need someone who can be kind to them and take care of them.

Career Requirements to become an Animal Control Officer

  1. Qualification: The person should have done a minimum of a high school diploma. An undergraduate degree is acceptable.
  2. Degree Field: Animal Sciences
  3. License/Certification: Voluntary certification would be preferred
  4. Experience: There will be an On-Job-Training.


While this job does not pay very highly, and the workers might also need to work at night, there is a constant need for workers because there could be an emergency call related to the injury of an animal or anything else. That’s when these heroes spring into action and bring the animal under control and ensure it gets proper care.

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