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Pesticon is committed to keeping homes and businesses protected from wildlife lurking around Mississauga. With our local animal control, you can enjoy pest and animal-free property.

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Why Animal Control in Mississuaga is Crucial

Using a professional animal control service is always wise as it helps to acquire certified team assistance quickly. Mississauga has a wide variety of wildlife, including squirrels, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, birds, and skunks. Being a business owner or resident in Mississauga, it is important to be mindful of the habits of animals that share the city with us to stay protected. Please do not feed wild animals in your residential or commercial space across Mississauga, as they could harm you or your family, employees, or pets.

Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control warranty and services in Toronto backed by our 6 Months Guarantee. We will even visit your property free of charge if your pest problem persists as your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Why Choose Pesticon to Remove Animals From Your Home or Business

At Pesticon, we inspect and keep your property safe from animals by following provincial regulations and laws.

  • We have a highly experienced and extremely skilled team that has the potential to give you the best animal control in Mississauga.
  • We ensure to utilize effective techniques to keep your homes and businesses safe.
  • Our animal control professionals utilize only eco-friendly products to protect the environment.
  • By using a professional and cost-effective approach, we offer local animal control services to everyone.
  • Our Animal Control guarantee will eliminate your current and potential problems without additional charges.
  • We ensure a six-month guarantee period where the animals will not come back. If they do, we will remove them once again without any charges.
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Do You Need Reliable Animal Control Services?

Our animal removal services start with a professional property analysis through a team of trained technicians. We can help stop animals from entering your residential or commercial space before it becomes a larger issue. The degree of wildlife-related problems will determine when to seek out top-rated animal control Mississauga. Most animals are controlled best before they have had a chance to settle on your property or when immature.  It is useful to get rid of raccoons before they have the opportunity to settle. If you notice an animal inside or outside your property dead or alive, call us to resolve the matter ASAP. Correct animal removal services, teams, and techniques will protect your property from animals no matter the season.

How to Know Animals Are Living In Your Home or Business in Mississauga

No doubt, animals are an essential part of the ecosystem, but sometimes they cause various issues for property owners in Mississauga. Animal offers dozens of health threats and physical danger when they invade your residential or commercial property. Every different season various animals increasingly find their way into homes and businesses located across Mississauga. If you suspect that animals live inside or outside your home or business, you need to get rid of them ASAP. All you need to do is call a professional wildlife removal company before becoming a real nuisance. Further, you can use DIY techniques to get rid of squirrels, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, birds, and skunks lying hidden or moving about secretly on your property. Following are some effective tell-tale signs of hunting wildlife that is lurking around your property:

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Scratching Noises

Usually, animals can easily be identified by constant scratching noises in the wall or roof of the building. If you hear scratching voices, then the chances are high that animals hide inside the wall, attic, basement, or roof of your residential or commercial property. Noises in the walls/roof are the easiest ways to know that animals have secretly invaded your property. Make sure to carefully inspect the source of the noise by following professional steps to avoid any harm.

Animal Droppings

If you cannot confirm the noises, the next quick sign to look for animals secretly residing in your home is finding their droppings. Typically animals like rats and bats leave droppings around the house or business space. Make sure to spend sufficient time to look around your property hidden places that could be a habitat of unwanted creatures. By doing this, you could easily identify areas where wild animals are hiding.

Animal Sightings

One of the best ways to confirm wildlife presence around your property is to watch out for their activity. Ensure to place food around your house to figure out the exact place where they are hiding. If you see any type of animal on your property, the chances are high that they're residing with their family. The primary reason animals set up camp on your property is the fresh and constant supply of food.

Messy Garbage Bins

A recent survey-based report revealed that a messy trash bin is the primary sign of animals looking for carrion and rotting fruit. Therefore, spend sufficient time hunting for signs showcasing animal presence through your home or business scattered trash bins, including chewing. If you find out signs of chewing, then you are a step away to confirm the type of wild animals lurking around your property.

Six Easy Steps to Get Rid of Animals Lurking Around Your Property

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Step 1: Dispose of Waste Properly

The most effective way to stop the activity of animals in your home is to practice proper waste disposal habits. It is seen that people who properly dispose of waste prevent the entry of wildlife into their residential and commercial spaces. This is because rooting fruits and carrion are the primary source of food for animals. When you keep your trash bin empty, pet's have no reason to lurk around your property. So make sure to remove their food source, to minimize the activity of animals in your home. Or else it might become a daunting task for you to prevent animals from entering your property.

Step 2: Avoid Plantation Close to Your Property

From firewood stacks and piles to leaves and trees, greenery around residential and commercial space is the primary wildlife habitat area. This could include animals such as squirrels, snakes, birds, and scorpions. If you don't want animals to lurk around your property during the day or night, you should avoid plantations close to your property. If it is vital for you to keep firewood or leave piles in the residential or commercial property, you should maintain a distance of 20 feet or more. If you plan to store firewood or piles outside your property, then ensure to cover it with something tightly. This way, you will seal the entrance of animals to hiding in places around your property.

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Step 3: Cut Bushes & Unshaped Trees

By keeping your property covered with bushes and unshaped trees, you can invite different types of animals to settle in it. If you don't want the surprise of animals hiding in the bushes, ensure to get rid of them as soon as possible. Take every measure to keep the environment around your property clean and tidy to stop animal's unitizing it like an entry point to your property.

Step 4: Close All Possible Entry Points

Make sure to close all possible entry points if you want to get rid of unwanted creatures. By doing this, you will limit animals outside your property and prevent them from entering your home or restaurant kitchen. To do this, you can acquire the assistance of a professional animal control service in Mississauga to close all entry points like roofs, attics, and pipes. Otherwise, you will miss an excellent opportunity to keep animals away from your property by effectively closing their easy access points.

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Step 5: Install a Fence

By placing a fence around your property, you can effectively create a barrier for wildlife in your home or business. Ensure to install a fence in your home or business if you are at a high risk of wildlife attack. This way, you will efficiently prevent animals from invading your property.

Step 6: Call a Professional Animal Control Team Like Pesticon

The best way to remove the animal from inside or outside your property securely is to call our pest control services in Mississauga. Never try to remove a wild animal from your property on your own, as it can harm you or your family, employees, or pest in a panic situation. Instead, it is a wise decision to leave the work of animal removal to experts of Pesticon. We have trained animal removal professionals that can identify the animal and uses the most efficient and humane approach for their instant removal. By using our professional animal removal service, you can keep wildlife out permanently. We also ensure that the animals are removed humanely and transferred to animal shelter homes located in Mississauga.

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Advantages of Choosing our Services for Wildlife Control in Mississauga

  • Environmental-Friendly Approach

    Pesticon is focused on providing environmental-friendly and effective animal control services in Mississauga. We offer quick inspection and animal removal services to offer you complete inner peace. So don't panic if you spot an animal inside or outside your property. Instead, call us right away to keep your family, employees, and pets protected from wildlife. Our professionals will help you figure out and seal places where raccoons enter your residential and commercial space.

  • Our Experienced Team

    With a highly trained and experienced animal removal team, we help residents and businesses control different animals. By choosing us, you can leverage a dedicated team to removes animals from your home and commercial spaces in a hassle-free manner. Our local animal control team lives and work in Mississauga to serve customers without any further delay. Have a question, call our highly experienced team right away.

  • Reliable Service

    We take every possible step to offer a safe and hassle-free animal removal service in Mississauga. Our certified professionals only utilize the most effective and reliable methods to assist people in getting rid of animals lurking in their residences or business. If you are willing to connect with a reliable animal control service, then we are here to meet all your needs proactively. All you need to do is call our support team to get served through our reliable animal control services for maximum safety of your family employees and pets.

  • Ongoing Support

    We offer unparalleled customer support service to all our clients. We are at your service 24/7 and ready to work with you to give you the protection you deserve. Our animal support team will help you to easily and securely get rid of animals from homes, businesses, offices, schools, and restaurants located across Mississauga. We, professionals, are ready to serve you on your property on just a call. If you are looking for a wildlife removal team that ensures unbounded customer support, then you will never go wrong with Pesticon. We will make your property animal-free through endless support.

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