Best Ways to Repel Squirrels

Squirrels are tiny yet hyper-destructive animals that look very cute on the outside but have destructive plans in their small heads. Squirrels are the cutest pests out there, but they are equally harmful as a mouse or a rat when it comes to pest infestation.

Whether it’s a squirrel, a rat, or a mouse – all of them belong to the rodent classification in the animal kingdom. Rodents are famous for some of the following interesting facts:

  • They have short limbs and long tails.
  • All of them have sharp incisors that continue to grow forever.
  • All rodents have a very high reproduction rate.
  • They can infest and inhabit a property quickly.

But right now, we are interested in squirrels. With their reproduction rate already discussed, we can only suggest you keep your house safe using animal control Toronto professional services.

Here we are not discussing the ways to deal with a squirrel infestation or how to kill them. We are talking about the very measures that can keep the squirrels far away from your property, let alone an infestation occur. Read on to find out all the effective ways to repel squirrels.

1. Secure the Outer Parameter of your House

First of all, you need to be sure of cutting any food supply for the squirrels right outside of your house. This food supply can include any fallen seeds, fruits, nuts, or any other debris from your backyard. Squirrels and other rodents can also easily access garbage cans to find lots of food in them. Therefore, you will need to seal your garbage cans properly.

2. Secure the Openings and Cracks in the Structure

Look at the structural parts of your house carefully from both inside and outside. If you find any openings or cracks anywhere on the surface, your house may be an ideal place for the rodents to invade. Before contacting Animal Control Toronto, you can try and seal those cracks and openings with the help of foam insulations or metal mesh with smaller spaces. If you are using a mesh, make sure it’s strong enough to sustain all the gnaw attempts by squirrels.

3. Make your Attic Inaccessible from the outside

Attics are the most favourite places for the squirrels to hang around. They love such a place where they could store food for a rainy day, or they can get warmth, etc. If you want to keep your house away from the squirrels, make sure there are no tree branches outside that directly touch the attic of your home. Squirrels are pretty long jumpers, so the distance between these branches and the attic’s opening is not a problem for them.

4. Give your Squirrels Aroma Therapy

Squirrels are the types of pests that can easily get distracted if they find anything odd or different from the routine. You can repel them easily by using aromatherapy. Well, it’s aromatherapy for you, but for the squirrels, it is torture. You can take any spicy or pungent-smelling essential oils or even castor oil, for that matter. Applying these essential oils near the windows, doors, and other access areas to your home can help to keep rodents away.

5. Call the Experts

If you think you might fail at any of the techniques mentioned above or don’t have the time to do it, you can contact animal control experts. These experts have years of experience working around all sorts of pests and getting rid of them. They can make sure the pests not only keep away from your property but also don’t get anywhere near your house.

The Take-Away

When you try the DIY repelling methods for squirrels or other pests, you will come across many chemicals and commercial pesticides. Although these pesticides are passed through a rigorous chemistry requirement test, many commercially available pest control products can still be dangerous. On the other hand, the methods mentioned above are natural and easy. All it takes is some effort and time, and you are all good. Otherwise, you always have the option of using professional help in this regard.

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