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There are a variety of squirrels living in and around Kitchener. If you are in Kitchener, all you have to do is look around, and you can easily spot them. You can find them along with tall trees dancing from one tree branch to the other. They may amuse us at times, but that’s not all they do. At times, squirrels invade homes in Toronto while looking for a safe place to shelter them. If you do not consult the experts at animal control in Toronto, squirrels in homes can cause you headaches. Once the experts are at home, they will identify the squirrel species and remove them safely from your home.

Know Your Squirrels

The squirrel population in Toronto is varied; however, some squirrel species inhabit the vicinity. Animal control experts can easily identify the squirrel species and deal with them upon your permission. Therefore, you have to choose a reliable animal control service to get rid of squirrels from your home in Toronto. The most common species you may encounter in your home include eastern grey squirrels and red squirrels. Moreover, you may know your squirrels if you understand the details about these two squirrel species thoroughly:

  1. Eastern Grey Squirrels: You may see eastern grey squirrels with grey fur as the most common squirrel species in Toronto. At times, their fur turns brown or black. These squirrels have two coat colours, including black and grey. Eastern grey squirrels have long and bushy tails measuring around 40 to 50 centimetres. These squirrels love to eat acorns because they help the proteins quickly process in squirrels. Mainly, you will see eastern grey squirrels out and about your yards in the winter.
  2. Red Squirrels: Red squirrels are smaller in size, in contrast to eastern grey squirrels. However, their size will not matter once there is a group. Red squirrels are identified with the aid of their coat colour changes, depending on the season. At warm temperatures, their fur turns red with white patches on their bellies. With a fall in temperature, those white patches convert into grey. The red squirrels have a tail quantifying about 10 centimetres. Red squirrels also invade homes in Toronto once they find a safe place to build their shelter.

 Why Do Squirrels Love Toronto?

There are a lot of squirrels in Toronto because it has everything they need for survival. With access to more than enough food supply, squirrels can breed fast and give birth to larger litters. Consequently, the squirrel population in the city keeps on increasing. Hence, people are advised to avoid feeding squirrels to prevent their population rise.

What Is the Best to Do for Squirrel Removal from Your Home?

You can find tons of wildlife animals in Toronto. Some wildlife animals appear in public, whereas some like staying in the wild. One of the most common wildlife creatures among those includes squirrels. If you suspect that the squirrel population in your vicinity is uncontrollable, you have to act fast. Contact the pest control experts immediately if you find wildlife creatures in your home. Both red and eastern grey squirrels are common home invaders in Toronto. Moreover, you can only rely on animal control experts for their friendly and safe removal.


Squirrels look pleasing to the eyes dancing from one tree branch to another. But these wildlife animals can become a nuisance if they invade your home searching for food and shelter. There are a wide variety of squirrel species in Toronto. However, you will usually encounter eastern grey squirrels and red squirrels as home invaders in Toronto. Squirrels are abundant in Toronto because of the availability of the resources for their survival. Do not let them become a headache; consult experts at animal control in Toronto for their safe removal from your area.

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