Common Questions And Answers in Cambridge About Mice Infestation In The House

Mice infestation is one of the worst experiences you can ever have. It’s not like other pest infestations are any better, but mice infestation can cause a lot of damage. There are many signs of mice infestation, and the most common sign is actually to see a live or dead mouse in your house. Does that mean that there has to be an infestation if there is even one mouse? You will know that in a while. There are some questions and answers below that will help you understand mice infestation and its counter-measures.

1.   What Are Some Common Signs Of Mice Infestation?

There are many signs of a mice infestation that you may have ignored before. But now you will remember them. These signs include:

  • Mice droppings (look something like black rice grain)
  • Shredded papers or other soft material pieces that can be used as a mice nest
  • Skittering or scratching sounds
  • Stale and musty odours
  • Gnaw marks or holes

2.   How To Be Sure If It’s A Mouse Or A Rat?

The main difference between a mouse and a rat is size. Mice are significantly smaller than rats. An adult mouse is only 7 inches in length, while an average rat can be 14 to 16 inches long. Their tails are also different in width and length. And most importantly, mice are somewhat less cautious as compared to rats. On the other hand, rats are aggressive and can tear apart anything that comes in their way.

3.   What Is The Lifespan Of Mice?

A mouse can hardly live more than a year out in the wild. But provide it food, shelter, warmth, and mating opportunities, and it can live up to three years. Our houses are the best shelters for the “house mice,” which is why there is this thing called mice infestation in houses.

4.   What Does A Mice Nest Look Like?

Pile of shredded paper and any other soft, easily shredded material. Suppose you come across any shredded pieces in a hidden area of your house, Bingo! That is a mouse’s nest.

5.   When Do Mice Sleep?

Mice are nocturnal. It means they will be out and about in the night. They can sleep up to 12 hours during the day and are only active at night. But in case of an infestation, you may encounter a mouse or two during the day too. Sometimes they come out for food or when their nest is disturbed.

6.   Should We Use Mice Traps?

Mice traps are one of the most efficient ways to deal with them. The ideal spots for placing your mouse traps are along the wall or in the corners. Mice usually run along the walls or any other surface. They don’t roam around freely unless there is an extreme necessity.

7.   What To Do If There Is A Confirmed Mice Infestation?

If the infestation is confirmed, then you must not waste a single moment before calling your local pest control experts. If there is one way to handle a mice infestation, it is to have the pest control experts deal with them. Even if you are not sure about the infestation, you can still ask pest control experts to visit and do an inspection.


You may come across a DIY plan to deal with the mice infestation on the internet. But implementing it with the belief that it will actually work is quite unsound. Sometimes when there are only a few mice, those DIY methods to deal with mice can work but never in case of an infestation. So, it is best to let the professionals deal with a mice infestation.

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