Signs That You Have a Mice Infestation

They slip around at night, rummaging through your boxed goods and chewing through walls and fiberglass to burrow. Mice are pesky critters, and trying to defend your home against an infestation can be an uphill battle. There are plenty of things you can do to protect your home, but how can you tell if you have mice already? Unless you physically see one or your precious feline brings you a gift, chances are that you may have mice and not even know it.

Few Signs of Mice Infestation:

Mice are cunning rodents. Between their acrobatic prowess and uncanny ability to chew through almost anything, mice are industrious and prolific breeders. If you suspect you may have mice, there are a few things to look for:

  • Small, quarter-inch pellets of feces, in larger concentrations. This is indicative of mice control activity. However, mice droppings are often mistaken for roach droppings. If the droppings are close to areas that look to be chewed, like cardboard boxes, walls, or furniture, then it’s most likely mice.
  • Disturbed areas, such as chewed door frames, holes in walls, fiberglass, and cardboard boxes. Mice will disturb and chew these areas for access and nesting, so look around for areas that show signs of distress. Again, you should see droppings in these areas as well, as they will be areas of high mice activity.
  • A musky odor that wasn’t there before. Mice control Toronto have a distinct musky smell about them, so check interior areas, like the attic or cupboards, for dank smells.
  • Chewed pantry items. If you pull a box out of your cabinet that has a giant hole in the side of it, call a pest control company immediately.
  • Greasy streaks on walls. Mice secrete oil through their skin which marks the areas they travel. The oil build up will leave a streak on wood and paint, indicating the common paths they take.

Danger Of Mice

Mice, while cute, are not animals you want to share your home with. With their keen sense of smell, they can sniff out food and will stop at nothing, gnawing through materials to get inside your home. Mice have been known to chew through a wide range of materials to get inside a building. Other than proper pest control, there are few home remedies to alleviate your problem. Cats are always a good deterrent. Often the smell of a feline will keep mice at bay, but not always. Mouse traps can be useful, and removing any food sources, like bird feeders and trash cans, from your home can force mice to look elsewhere for food. Mice are opportunistic creatures and will sniff out a food source quickly. Remove their avenues and their food sources, and you can eliminate the problem. If you suspect your home has mice, call a professional pest control team to inspect your home for any evidence of mice and to help remove the infestation.

Mice infestation is caused in houses where you have them in large number. Nobody wants mice at home and everyone wants a good house to live in. If you want a good house that is free from mice infestation, you must take some precautionary measures.

How To Prevent Mice Infestation

Your house and your surroundings must be safe and clean. Only if your house is clean, the mice infestation would not take place. The shelves and drawers must be periodically cleaned and the garage must be free from unwanted things. Keep your dustbins closed always. You must not forget that mice enter your house only in search of food. If they could get enough food for them, they stay in your house and give birth to young ones and thus their population increases. This will, in turn, cause mice infestation.

To reduce mouse infestation, you must make use of mouse traps, exterminators and mice repellents. If you are living in rural areas where your house K surrounded by farms, you have to take every caution to prevent mice from entering your house. Usually, mice and rats are found in farms and they eat the nuts and seeds. When their population is in large number they may even damage the crops. But during fall months, they usually do not get much food outside. The forthcoming winter would make them look out for the safest haven and so they enter your house. Therefore to avoid mice infestation, you have to seal the crevices in the walls and cover your windows with rat mesh and ensure your safety.

The mouse seeks shelter in the garage and in attics. To keep these things clean is very essential to keep them away. You have to ensure the cleanliness in your surroundings. Taking steps to eliminate mice infestation is a serious business. Some people think that it is not good to kill the mice. They rather state that the mice should be left in the wild. But this will not control the population of mice. Only if you control the population of mice, you can reduce the mice infestation. You can put some mint leaves or eucalyptus leaves in and around your house to discourage the entry of mice. The mice infestation may cause plague that is a deadly disease and so you must take every care to prevent the entry of mice and if once entered, Call pest control professionals would work to drive them away.


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