Mice Infestation Forces Australian Prison to Evacuate All Prisoners

Just Imagine! All the prisoners were evacuated because of mice. This is something that we might never have heard of before. Isn’t that way too shocking? A mice infestation wreaked havoc in eastern Australia. So much so that the prison had to be evacuated.

Mice cause a nuisance to the homeowners. If you observed the activity of the mouse in your house, then you have to take action as soon as possible because they would damage your home in the first place. Not only that, but they carry many diseases with them as well, like the hantavirus.

One of the most common damages they could cause is to gnaw on the electrical wires. That is exactly what happened at the Wellington correctional center in New South Wales. They chewed on the cables, and also the many droppings of the mice were also observed. That’s the reason why the authorities were forced to relocate 420 inmates and 200 staffers.

According to the Corrective Services Commissioner, health is the utmost priority for the inmates and staffers. So, we have to make sure that the prison is clean.

Problems caused by the mice

They are present in most areas now, including the wall cavities and the roof space. Although they are mostly dead, they would start to decay, and then the mites would begin to come, creating another problem.

That didn’t only happen at the prison. The rodents have invaded most of the rural Australian region, causing damage to the crops and trying to get into the homes, businesses, and schools. Some of the people have also been bitten by the mice during sleep. It could cause significant damage to buildings that are not made of concrete.

The authorities have thought about making the prison mouse-proof once the mess is cleared and the damage is repaired. Meanwhile, the prisoners and the staff would be kept at various locations for about ten days.

Tips to avoid mice in the house 

  • Whenever there is leftover food, make sure that you do not leave it open in the kitchen. You have to store it in a sealed container, and garbage needs to be disposed of regularly.
  • Attics are one of the favourite places for rodents. Keep these places clean, dry, and well ventilated.
  • Make sure that you seal any of the cracks in your house. Focus on your house’s pipes because they can easily get into it and travel to other places.
  • The sites that tend to be moist have to be checked thoroughly like the clogged drains because they are their favourite breeding places.
  • If you want to get rid of these nasty mice entirely and professionally, you have to contact the professional mice control company in Toronto. They will handle everything for you, and you can sit back and relax while they get the work done.


Mice can be very dangerous when they are in such huge numbers. Nobody would have ever thought that the prison had to be evacuated because of the mice. According to the researcher Steve Henry, the numbers would get down once the winters start because the mice don’t usually breed in winters. On the other hand, the numbers could increase drastically in spring if the conditions are good.

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