5 DIY Techniques for Mice Control in Kitchener

Have you seen tiny block droppings on your cupboard? Are there bite marks on your food boxes? Or is there a continuous musky smell coming from your home? Could it be a ghost? No, it is not a ghost. These are the signs of mice infestation. The mice are annoying creatures. They can create chaos in your residential space by eating food and destroying all your stuff. They don’t care about you and your family or your pets. The mice are undoubtedly the worst pests that people in Kitchener can find in their homes. They carry many viruses and bacteria and spread diseases at the same time. Therefore, mice control in Kitchener is something you cannot ignore to keep your family and pets safe.

Techniques to Getting Rid of the Mice

You can capitalize on different techniques and get rid of the mice from your home. Without further ado, let us discuss five DIY techniques for mice control:

Ultrasonic Pest Repellers:

These electronic devices emit ultrasonic ways and create an uncomfortable ambiance for the mice. The mice are afraid of such waves and run away after hearing them. But this is not a permanent solution as mice get accustomed to these noises. Once their fear evaporates, they come back again with full force.

Sealing the Entry or Access Holes:

It is one of the most effective methods for mice control. If you find any holes or cracks in your basement, attic, and garage, you should seal them so that these scoundrels cannot gain entry into your home. Large holes or cracks need to be fixed, while small ones can be blocked with steel wool.

Mouse Traps:

You will need a food bait to lure the mice and trap them. Peanut butter and hazelnut are the most effective baits to trap the mice as these are the mice’s favorite. Once the mice are trapped, you can get rid of them.


The poison comes in pellets and powder form. While using the pellet, sprinkle it in the corners of your house. However, keep it away from your children and pets. The mice eat the pellets thinking you have graciously left food for them. For powder, you will need to sprinkle it into places where you see them creeping. Once the powder stick to their coats and feet, they will ingest the poison after licking the powder and die eventually.


The mice are dirty pests who like filth. If your home remains clean, the mice will never feel the urge to visit your home. You can seal all the food items by stowing them in airtight jars, cover the trash bin tightly, and keep your home clean at all times, particularly your kitchen. The mice never feel comfortable in a sanitized area as they cannot take shelter there and cannot find food sources. It is also the most effective method to keep the mice away from your home in Kitchener.

What if the above methods do not work for you concerning mice control in Kitchener? In that case, you should not waste time and contact pest control experts who can get rid of the severe mice infestation quickly and thoroughly.


These five techniques are not options but are necessary for every home, office, and building in Kitchener and beyond. Just to recap, here they are:

  1. Use ultrasonic repellents.
  2. Seal entry points.
  3. Deploy mouse traps.
  4. Utilize mouse poisons.
  5. Keep your home clean.

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