How To Identify Pests in Ajax By Looking At Their Nests

Pollinating insects like wasps, hornets, and bees are essential for the ecosystem. Their nests can cause costly damage and even pose a health hazard if constructed on, near, or in our homes. Over 500,000 people go to the ER every year because of stinging insects. You need to know in Ajax prior to pest control which stinging insect species are present and what threats they may pose to you. Despite the physical differences, homeowners can identify various nest species from a safe distance by recognizing different types of nests. The following guide will help you identify stinging insect nests.


Yellowjackets come in several different species, with yellow and blackheads and patterned bodies. They are most active in nests or colonies in late summer and early autumn, with up to 4,000 workers. Known for invading outdoor events like barbecues, yellowjackets consume sweets and proteins.

Their Nests

You can find yellowjacket nests anywhere humans live. These birds can build their nests both above and below ground using chewed-up cellulose. Nests aboveground can be found under eaves, in attics, or within building voids. Nests underground often have a small entrance hole that is hard to spot. It may not always be in plain sight when you first see a yellowjacket since they can venture hundreds of feet away from their nest.

Using their smooth stingers, yellow jackets can repeatedly stinging their enemies. In fact, they are territorial, meaning they will sting if they feel threatened, so homeowners should keep away from nests and call a pest control company right away if they notice one. 

Bald-faced Hornets

Bald-faced hornets are named for their mostly black colour and white faces. Most of their activity occurs during the day when they live in colonies of about 100 to 400 members. In contrast to other stinging insects, this species usually appears at the end of summer and will not use the same nests every year. New colonies are formed each year.

Their Nests

Paper nests constructed by bald-faced hornets are usually at least three feet above the ground. They typically build their nests in trees, shrubs, sheds, overhangs, and overhanging branches. These nests can grow to more than 24 inches long and have a diameter of 14 inches. As opposed to yellowjackets and paper wasps, whose nests are open cones, their nests are enclosed.

Those who intrude on their territory will face aggressive attacks from black-faced hornets. Their smooth stingers can be used repeatedly, like yellowjackets. Insect bites caused by these pests are painful, itchy, and swollen for about 24 hours after being stung.

Paper Wasps

Their name comes from their paper-like nest material. Due to their distinctive nest shape, they’re also called umbrella wasps. In addition to nectar, this species eats flies and caterpillars. Their bodies are similar to yellowjackets, but they are brown in colour.

Their Nests

It is common for this species to build nests in residential yards, hanging from trees, porch ceilings, deck floor joists, and more. Eggs are laid in open, uncovered cells in umbrella-shaped nests.

Although paper wasps are not aggressive by nature, they will sting if threatened or disturbed. A paper wasp’s sting can cause severe pain and allergic reactions. Swelling and redness are common symptoms.


Knowing the pest that’s haunting your living space is necessary. Once you know what pest it is, you could talk to a pest control company in Ajax for pest control or apply DIY pest control methods. Whichever is the case, it’ll make sure you get rid of the pests with the least amount of effort, time, and money.

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