What Are The Signs That Your Dog in Ajax Has Been Poisoned?

Hundreds of toxic poisons circulate in our environment that are a serious threat to us and our pets. While we do our best to prevent these harmful substances from entering our pet’s bodies, it is still possible for them to be exposed to such toxins. Additionally, it can be a very tricky problem to recognize if your dog has been intoxicated or has any other disease or sickness. However, there are symptoms that dogs are likely to show if they have taken anything harmful or poisonous.

The problem starts when we bring pesticides into our homes for DIY pest control. Whenever you are unsure about your dealings with the pests, call the professional pest controllers immediately.

How to know if your Dog has been Poisoned?

Dogs are likely to present various symptoms of poisoning. These symptoms can differ depending on the nature of the poison. Most common symptoms include vomiting, difficulty breathing, and weeping. Generally, when dogs are poisoned, they appear to be struggling with their breathing. They may also pass out because of a lack of oxygen. It is a major signal that they may have consumed something harmful.

Additionally, if the poison gets into the skin of your dog, it may cause irritation and pain. So, if you see your dog unnecessarily rubbing themselves, you should consult a vet. And to avoid reaching this scenario, always consider professional pest control services in Toronto.

Can your Dog die of the Pesticide Poison?

In extreme cases, where a dog has inhaled or licked significant amounts of pesticides, there are chances of kidney failure or heart failure, eventually causing death. Intakes of venomous plants can also lead to liver failure, and the symptoms may be alike. Dogs can also be severely poisoned if they consume large amounts of chocolate. Chocolate poisoning can also lead to the death of your dog if not taken care of in time.

What to do if your dog has been poisoned?

Having recognized the intoxication, the next best thing to do is to call a vet. However, unless the vet arrives or you get to the vet, there are precautions you can take to minimize the danger for your dog.

  • Make sure your dog breathes well. Open all kinds of windows and doors that can provide maximum air circulation in the environment to help the dog breathe better.
  • Make sure that the potential poisonous substance is removed and the surface is thoroughly cleaned.
  • If the problem worsens, try to make your dog throw up.
  • Also, if your dog’s face came into contact with one of these areas, you might need to rinse your dog’s eyes, nose, or mouth.

Get to your veterinarian as quickly as possible, as your veterinarian might tell you how you could receive instructions for home care. Your veterinarian may advise that in some situations, but not in others, you induce vomiting. Don’t force your pet into vomiting because, according to many vets’ advice, some toxins cause more damage when sprouted. Although some cases may require vomiting, other issues may cause your dog to become even sicker by vomiting.

Why Go To Professional Pest Controllers?

When the pests get into your home, you want them out as soon as you can. Some people try to get rid of the pests on their own, using pesticides. These pesticides can cause severe harm to your pets, as discussed above. The best way to deal with annoying pests is always to contact professional pest exterminators.


According to several pieces of research, different kinds of poisons can have different effects on your dogs. You may not be able to distinguish the intoxications by recognizing the symptoms. This is where we can help you adopt pet-safe pest control techniques to ensure a healthy environment in your house.

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