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Hiring a professional ant removal company is important because these qualified individuals—like the ones found here at Pesticon—have the years of experience and resources necessary to not only remove ants from your home or place of business but to remove the actual source of the ants: their colonies in the surrounding area.

Ants communicate with one another by leaving a trail of pheromones. We humans can’t see, smell, or otherwise easily detect these pheromones, but they’re a strong indication for where other ants should go. This is why ant infestations typically start out small. You might notice only a few ants in your kitchen or bathroom, but several days later you’ve got black trails of ants everywhere. This is because the rest of the ants at a nearby colony picked up on the pheromones left by their scouts, and they’ve come for the resources they want in your home.

At this point in the development of an ant infestation, whether it’s from carpenter ants or one of the hundreds of other common species, Ajax and Vancouver residents often find that the best possible solution is to seek out professional help. Here at Pesticon, we know exactly how to remove an ant infestation—and we’ll also give you some helpful information about how to prevent it in the future so that your ant removal needs are over, once and for all.

Why Colony Removal is So Important

Did you know that the ant sprays they sell at most major retail stores are more or less only a stopgap? While these kinds of sprays can remove handfuls of ants here and there, they won’t help you in permanent ant removal goals at all. This is because if you kill a dozen ants here or even a large trail of them there, the pheromones by which ants communicate will more than likely still be present—and thus alert the rest of the countless ants at the colony to continue to invade your home.

By removing one or more colonies in the areas surrounding your home or workplace, you’ll be ridding yourself of the ants at the source, not simply killing off a few before even more return. A professional exterminator will understand this and knows how to safely and efficiently remove all colonies on your property.

Ant Prevention After Colony Removal

Once ant colonies have been removed, your ant problem will be more or less resolved completely… until new ants decide to take up residence on your property. Rather than hiring our services over and over again, we prefer to educate our customers on the best ways they can prevent ants from entering their home ever again. While we certainly don’t mind repeat business, we take pride in our work and our ultimate goal will always be to leave you satisfied and totally pest-free.

Ant Removal & Ajax Residents

Pesticon can help Ajax residents with ant removal services, but were you aware that we’ve also recently expanded to Vancouver? Our pest control services range from ant removal to curbing the infestation of critters, so we encourage you to feel more than welcome to contact us at your earliest convenience at (416) 839-1097.

By working with a professional extermination company like ours, you’ll be making the smart choice to stop spending your hard earned money on half-effective ant sprays, and stop worrying about whether or not the “ants are back again.” After we’ve removed the ants from your home and exterminated the colonies on your property, you can go back to enjoying your kitchen, bathroom, and all of the other rooms where ants tend to appear.

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Pest control is an important practice that ensures that our homes and business premises are safe and enjoyable to live in. pests such as mice, bed bugs, termites and ants are the most common insects that invade homes in Ajax.

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