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Pesticon Pest Control is on a mission to remove ants from your homes and businesses located across Mississauga. We Guarantee ant removal - If you find ants within six months, we’ll serve you for free.

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Remove Ants From Your Home or Business in Mississauga

Unfortunately, a significant chunk of residential and commercial property owners in Mississauga are unaware of the damages that ants can cause to their property. Whether you ignore ants or use DIY methods to control, you may negatively risk your health or property. This is because ants have a lot more species than you can imagine, and they have the ability to infest your space in no time. There is no denying the fact that DIY techniques do not work to deal with actual ants infestation. Ants can invade a home or business in less than a day if they found anything of their interest like fruits, sweets, meats, animal foods, or fats.

Our team utilizes safe and non-toxic ant removal products to resolve the issue in an environment-friendly manner. We offer effective pest control solutions in less time and minimum disturbance so that you can enjoy your time at work or home with no regret. By communicating with our ant removal professional support team, you can exterminate ants from your spaces in a hassle-free manner.

Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control warranty and services in Toronto backed by our 6 Months Guarantee. We will even visit your property free of charge if your pest problem persists as your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Why Hire Pesticon to Remove Ants in Mississauga

  • We utilize the newest technologies and techniques to ensure optimum results.
  • Our experts are well trained and well-aware related to ant colonies & species
  • We take every step to offer 100% satisfaction to the customer in Mississauga
  • We follow a quick and reliable standard operating process to exterminate ants
  • Our technicians closely analyze the nesting areas of ants.
  • We offer you cost-effective solutions for ant removal in Mississauga.
  • Our services are environment-friendly and hassle-free.
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We Are Proficient In Controlling Ants in Mississauga

Our professionals have in-depth knowledge related to various species of ants and offer constant support to keep them away. At Pesticon, we only provide effective solutions to cater to clients’ needs without creating a hole in their pockets. There is an extensive list of techniques utilized by our team to tackle different species of ants that are infesting homes or businesses. If you aim to control the destruction of your home or business due to ants attacks, then we can help you. We are focused on controlling ants damaging business or residential spaces in Mississauga. By preferring us, you can trace and remove different species of ants that have colonies on your property.

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How to Track Ants at Your Home Or Office In Mississauga

As there are more than 10000 species of ants, it is hard for anyone to determine which one has infested their properties. They are a common sight in homes, restaurants, warehouses, and offices.  However, different ants have different sizes and capabilities, like tiny, small, or bigger-sized ants. If you don’t want the infestation to spread, you must contact a reliable ant extermination service immediately. All you need to do is call our best support team to leverage pocket-friendly and outstanding extermination services. We focus on providing long-term relief to residents and business owners in Mississauga through ants’ removal services. No place is impossible for us to trace to get rid of different types of ants species.

How to Kill Ants in Mississauga Using DIY Tricks?

If you want to try DIY tricks to get rid of ants from homes, then you are at the right spot. There are numerous DIY ways to deal with ants, but most of them are not effective. Yes, you may try DIY TRCKS at home or office to keep ants away from your property. If you are a home or business property owner in Mississauga and wondering to exterminate ants with your own efforts, then you will need to read numerous blogs and watch video tutorials. However, getting rid of ants permanently is not an easy job as it required professional training and tools. This is because removing ants’ infestation from home and business needs in-depth analysis and practical solutions to destroy the ant’s egg and nests. It is essential to kill mother ants and their colonies with the assistance of a pest control company.

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How to Connect With Ant Control Experts In Mississauga?

It can be a daunting task to search for a reliable ant-removal service that can meet all your needs without breaking your bank. However, there are different steps to find out and work with a professional ant control team in Mississauga. You can begin with the internet search option to land on websites offering ant removal facilities near your business or home. Ensure to opt for a pest control Mississauga Company that offers free inspection through a certified team. By doing this, you will easily find out how severe the ant infestation is on your property. The reliable ant control Mississauga team will also discuss different methods and strategies that can work to exterminate ants infestation or treat the problem at the source. Finally, the ant control expert team will seal all entry points permanently from where ants enter your property.

Who Offers the Best Ant Control Solutions In Mississauga?

We bet you will not get the best ant control solutions like we are providing in Mississauga. With years of experience, we utilize new-age techniques to accomplish ant removal projects in the best way possible. We have successfully completed numerous projects in Mississauga and have an extensive list of satisfied customers. If you want to opt for the number 1 ants removal team, then we are here to serve you. When you choose our professional ant control team, you can stop spending your weekends working in the home or business to exterminate ants. We’ll take care of all the work and deliver you the best results. All you have to do is enjoy your time with your loved ones.

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How to Get Your Property Inspected in Mississauga before Buying or Selling?

Pesticon team is at your service to properly analyze your home or business for ant infestation extermination. Whether you are buying or selling a property, you can connect with our professional team to meet all your needs of ant control. We take care of all the necessary documents you need to prove your home or business is free from all sorts of pests. We understand it is a challenging task to spend an ample amount of time on any unwanted presence, especially when you are busy with the closing deal. In this circumstance, we help home and business owners to focus on their goals without wasting their time and efforts in an unpleasant experience. If you don’t want to see any pests crawling in your dream house, you are highly recommended to get it inspected. We offer quick and cost-effective inspection options. Give us a call to make your property pest-free ASAP.

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Benefits for Hiring Experienced Ant Control Service

There are dozens of benefits that you get by hiring an outstanding pest control service like Pesticon. Take a look below to unveil hard to ignore benefits of experienced ant control services in Mississauga.

Speacialized Teams

Pesticon is a hub of certified and skilled professionals with over 15 years of experience in ants extermination services. With a team of experts, we combine the newest techniques and technologies to serve clients in Mississauga in the best way possible. If you are willing to connect with a specialized team for ant control, you must choose our pest control Mississauga services.

Dedicated Teams

No one can overlook the importance of new-age tools to exterminating pests from residential or commercial spaces. Our technicians live and work right here in the Mississauga area by utilizing advanced tech tools. We are proud to serve our neighborhood as a locally owned and operated ants control company. Our team takes every environment-friendly step to serve our valued customers with superior ant control services and results.

Reliable Service

When it comes to keeping ants away with the help of a reliable pest control Mississauga, no one can serve you as we do. We know ants that are active in your home not only prevent comfort but can keep your family and pets insecure. Ant bites can be annoying and sometimes create serious health issues like various allergies. Our Ant Control Services are specifically designed to provide ultimate protection to your family, employees, and pets. If you yearn to ensure a long-lasting relief from ants, then you should call us today.

Same Day Service

It is hard to find a professional pest control company that provides same-day services to exterminate ants. But here at Pesticon, we proudly serve customers in Mississauga with same-day serve to provide you instant relief from ants. Our extermination service team follows a robust process to inspect and remove ants from your property on an immediate basis. Once we find the ants infestation in your home or business, we share an effective solution to serve you without any delay.

Common Types of Ants Found In Mississauga

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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants have a black, yellowish, or reddish colour with a length of 3.5m to 13mm. They create nests by piles of wood with a passage to quickly transporting food. As the name suggests, carpenter ants love wood and are typically involved in activities that give them lots of wood shavings. They feed on several foods item that humans consume like eggs, cakes, fruits, meats and sweets. The carpenter ants queen can live up to two decades and lays up to 16 eggs in the first year. You can spot them in indoor and outdoor places near the woods. If you hear rustling sounds in your home or office, then the chances are high that carpenter ants are tunnelling in the wood. Connect with our professional pest control company before carpenter ants damage your property’s wooden structure.

pavement ants mississauga

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are 2.4mm-3.1mm in length and usually found in the sidewalks and cracks in walls, under stones, mulching the soil, and ceilings. They have black and light brown colours, which make them easily recognizable. Pavement ants have parallel lines on the thorax and head, which you can see with the help of a microscope. Usually, pavement ants feed on an extensive range of food items, including but not limited to meats, grease, live and dead insects, seeds, and honeydew. They usually infest lawns, food storages, and kitchens. They sting and bite humans in aggressive mode. June and July are the reproduction months of their queens. If you notice the presence of pavement ants on your property, don’t miss calling our pest management team.

fire ants mississauga

Fire Ants

Fire ants have lengths of 1.5mm to 5mm with colours of reddish-black and reddish-brown. The fire ants are found indoors and outdoors in sunny and warm weather. Fire ants are very aggressive, and they can sting when they feel threatened. They love to eat vegetables, foods, sweets, meats, honeydew, insects, and many dead animals. According to a recent survey-based report fire ants egg takes up to 30 days to become an adult. Their queens can live up to 6 years and lay more than a thousand eggs throughout the year. Don’t panic if you spot fire ants in your residential or commercial property. Call us to meet all your needs effortlessly.

pharaoh ants mississauga

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants have 1.5 to 4mm lengths with a yellow, light brown body colour. They are hard to trace because of their small size and translucent colour. They are famous for settling large colonies in bathrooms, kitchens, and other wet areas. They hide indoor cracks, walls, appliances, carpet, and roof cracks. Pharaoh ants eat various foods like cookies, jam, peanut butter, syrups, jellies, cakes, fruit pies, greases, polish, sponges. They also eat dead insects and animals along with honey. They can lay up to 400 eggs at one time which can be ready in approximately 40-45 days. If you see any sign of a pharaoh ants infestation in your property, speak with our professional right away.

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How to Quickly Rid Your Mississauga Property of Ants

We understand that ants are nothing in size but can create big trouble. They have the potential to ruin your home or business structure and activities. They cause annoying bites and spread serious diseases and viruses that can affect your family, employees, and pets. Now is the time to rid your home or business of ants with our professional pest control services. We provide your home or commercial space with the protection it deserves through an effective ant extermination process. You will be glad to know that along with cost-effective pest control services. We also offer the best guarantees for your maximum satisfaction. Contact us today to find out more about ants and get rid of them permanently.

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When Should I Have My Property Treated For Ants by Pesticon?

Don’t waste your time anymore. Protect your home or business against ants attack as soon as possible. Otherwise, by the time you get ready to resolve this problem, ants colonies have spread throughout your property. However, it’s not too late to exterminate ants from your property and banned them from spreading. Our ant control professional will make sure your property has no space for ants. To eliminate ants, we perform effective treatments and close all entry points. Our team will review your property and seal the ways by which ants invade your business or house.

Call our professional right away to stay protected from annoying pests. With our ant control service, you can enjoy your time at work or home without any hassle.

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