Ant Control in Guelph

Pesticon Pest Control removes ants anywhere in or around your home or business in Guelph. We Guarantee ant removal - If they return within 6 months, we'll come back for free.

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Remove Ants From Your Home or Business in Guelph

Not knowing the potential of damage that ants can cause, many people either ignore them or try to deal with them using DIY methods. Ants have many species. If any of that species infests your place, you need a professional ant control service.  None of the DIY techniques work in an actual infestation, nor will those products help that you bought at the convenience store. Ants can invade a property in under 24 hours if there is anything of their interest.

Most of the homes here in Guelph are very comfortable with proper temperature control, which is the primary reason for ants' interest. Other reasons that ants may want to invade your home or office may be the presence of something sweet that is uncovered. But you never know the exact back story of why ants do infest any place. There is nothing to worry about if you live in Canada because Pesticon Ant control is here to manage it all for you.

Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control warranty and services in Toronto backed by our 6 Months Guarantee. We will even visit your property free of charge if your pest problem persists as your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Why Hire Pesticon to Remove Ants From Your Home or Building in Guleph

  • Our methods are tried and tested for optimum results.
  • Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of ant colonies, nesting areas, and species
  • 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Pesticon provices a fast, reliable, and painless process to remove ants
  • We know the nesting areas of ants and their species.
  • We offer you the best solutions for ant control in Guelph.
  • Our services are affordable, timely, and reliable.
ant control in guelph

We Know All About Ants

You will not need to study various species of ants and different strategies to keep them away. You can leave that to us. We at Pesticon not only provide patent solutions but also create custom packages for various requirements. Different species of ants have different ways of infesting a place. Their nest placements differ, their aims of destruction may be different, and their attack method can also vary. This is where we come in, knowing enough about ants, we have the upper hand in such situations. By backtracking the traces of ants, our ant control experts can determine the type of service required.

ant control guelph

Home or Office, Ants can be Anywhere

Some species of ants are so tiny that you cannot spot them easily. And by the time you find out about an ants' colony, it will be too late to take any action. That is when you know it's time to call the professionals. Pesticon offers a complete extermination service that you can rely on for long-term relief in Guelph. No place is impossible for ants to reach, we know that, and we know how to get rid of them well.

How Our Ant Control Experts in Guelph Operate?

Getting your place ant-free is a simple 3 step process when working with us. Our ant control experts will begin with the inspection of the facility. This inspection is essential in finding out how severe the infestation is. This leads us to list all the possible methods and strategies suitable for the place under infestation. Then, the process starts. The third step is to find out all the possible entry points and then sealing them permanently. If you think your case requires some extra steps, we can surely manage to do that.

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best ant control solutions guelph

Best Ant Control Solutions in Guelph

We boast about being the best ant control solutions providing in Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, and beyond. The years of experience and the number of projects that we have successfully completed make us so confident. We measure our success by the number of satisfied customers. We are here to provide you with the best ant control service in Guelph.

Get Your Property Inspected

While buying or selling a property, we take care of all the official details, the paperwork, the transaction records, and other necessary items. Sometimes people don't pay much attention to any unwanted presence - that is where it all goes wrong. Moving into a new house can turn out to be an unpleasant experience if there are any pests there.  If you are going to buy your dream house, it is best to get it inspected first. Pesticon offers a wide range of inspection options – give us a call today to know all about it.

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ant control Guelph

Additional Benefits to Hiring Pesticon for Ant Control in Guelph

We recommend you do proper research before finalizing who should come to your home for the ant infestation extermination. There are some additional benefits that you get when you choose Pesticon. Read on to find out what we are talking about.

Specialized Teams

Although Pesticon deals with over 15 types of different extermination services, we have a separate team of experts for each service type. We have specialized teams for ant control, mouse control, bedbugs removal, fleas control, spider removal, termite control, cockroach removal, wasp/hornet nest removal, and more.

These teams comprise technicians who have been making their living out of extermination. Those who have a vast knowledge of bees, hornets, wasps, and other similar species will only serve under the wasp removal service. Similar is the case with all the other extermination services that we provide in Guelph.

ant control Guelph
ant control Guelph

Dedicated Tools

We don't believe in using the same tools repeatedly until they are broken. Pesticon has successfully brought together some of the most innovative solutions for homeowners and office workers in Guelph. These solutions materialize by making use of only the optimum tools and technologies. We specially take care of the sanitization and ensure a deep clean extermination service.

Reliable Service

Once you decide to give up on your DIY methods and call in the professionals, it is best to reach out to the most reliable service providers. Pesticon has been serving as a reliable pest control service provider since 2001.

You can put your trust in the people who have been doing the same thing for 20 years. Since we are committed to excel, every day, we try to make our services better than before. This commitment has caused our experts to devise some brilliant techniques and methods. Our methods are undoubtedly different and ensure a long-lasting relief.

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Ant control same day service Guelph

Same Day Service

Not every pest control company provides same day services or services on an urgent basis. But here at Pesticon, we are ready whenever you need the extermination service. In most cases, an inspection is required on a very urgent basis. Suppose we find out during the inspection the need to start the extermination immediately. In that case, we can arrange it without any delay. That makes our service fast, reliable, and worth your hard-earned money.

6-Month Guarantee

Pesticon guarantees you complete peace of mind from all kinds of ants. In this regard, we provide a 6-month guarantee during which if the ants return, we will come back without any additional charges. Once this six-month phase is passed clean,

it is very unusual for the ants to return. But still, Pesticon is always there for the professional extermination service. Even if they return after years of our service, we will still be ready to make them go away for another decade so that you can have your peaceful nights back.

ant control Guelph
Ant exterminator in Guelph

More Than Ant Control

Whether it is bed bugs or roaches, mice or squirrels, dealing with any of these pests on your own can really become troublesome. Not only will you waste your time, energy, and money, you may further worsen the pest invasion. Pesticon is here to protect your place of living and office. We have the experience, the skills, and the tested and tried strategies to ensure peace of mind.

Our pest management professionals in Guelph will exterminate, repel, deter, or force pests to stay away from your property. We guarantee a complete worry-free pest control service.

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