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Pesticon is the best ant control solution to ant problems in Toronto. Whether you’re having issues with carpenter ants, acrobat ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants or any other variety – our trained techs will find the main nest, satellite nests, track the queen and exterminate your ant problem. We have been removing ants for the past 15 years across the Greater Toronto Area, including Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Scarborough, Oakville and more. Our service is fast and efficient, contact us today to get a resolution immediately.

When you live close to the natural habitat of ants you can get your house contaminated by them and it may be a good idea to call a professional ant removal specialist for help with this issue. It is important to look at different ways of getting rid of the problem and research your options.
Ant Control Toronto

Ants may be interested in entering your home because they are attracted to its warmth and the food that may be available in the house. The first thing you can do to get rid of ants is found out where they enter the property of yours so you can take adequate measures to make sure you eliminate this entry passage for them. Cornmeal is known to kill ants who can’t digest it and if one of the ants carries it to the Queen she will be dead too. This works in some cases and in others it doesn’t, providing only a temporary respite to the issue of ants in your house. Making sure you try other things is there for important. Ants don’t like smelly things so you can try leaves of basil and ground cinnamon to repel them.

If you need professional support then you need to rely on the help of highly qualified professionals to take you through the issues you are having in your home and help you get rid of the problem without causing damage to your property and wasting your time trying natural ‘remedies’. So call our number and let’s start our collaboration to keep your house ant-free.

Ant Removal Problems in Toronto

Ants are seemingly harmless pests that will slowly increase in number in your home or business. Typically it starts with a small colony, a few workers and then multiplies. Ants can find their way into your property through cracks, windows, doors, and gaps. They are typically looking for food, grease and things to eat. Ants usually make their way to storage areas such as food closets and pantries, as well as in dining and kitchen areas.

Ant nests will form pretty much anywhere on your property – it can be in the walls, the foundations, gaps, cracks, basement, etc. The total ant population in an infested property can reach from the hundreds of thousands to over a million. When it gets this serious, it is very hard to remove. A few ants always mean that there will be more to follow – when tracking food, they leave trails using pheromones which causes ‘clustering’ of ants. A nest will multiply as satellite nests are formed. The age of these can be a long time because a queen can live from 7-15 years. This is a long time to multiply your ant problem in your living area.

Remedies – Ant Control Toronto

The key thing to understand about removing ants is that there are differences in how different ant species respond to pest control treatments. A Pesticon technician is able to tell right away what type of ant is causing issues for you, trace the nests, track the queen and set about delivering our pest ant control Toronto. The process is fast, efficient and we guarantee our results.

If you use home remedies, there are a  number of over-the-shelf treatments available. However, the problem is that they only typically kill the ants that are visible in your home or business. Most of these methods are not able to get to the source: the queen and the colony. Which means that it will be a long drawn out affair by the time you are rid of your ant problem.

Here are a few tips you can try as a home remedy in 2019 (results may vary):

  • Put away food and materials that attract ants, clean up crumbs and other things that invite infestation
  • Seal the holes in your property to prevent nests from spreading
  • Try cornmeal, this is usually not digested by ants, so if they consume a lot of it, it may kill key members of the colony
  • Try cinnamon or basil which repels ants
  • Try over the counter chemicals and traps (effectiveness may vary)

Or trust the professionals and call Pesticon for guaranteed results and a solution to your Ant control Toronto. Your home will be cleared – we guarantee it!